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YJIT: Fix shared/static library symbol leaksHEADmaster
Rust 1.58.0 unfortunately doesn't provide facilities to control symbol visibility/presence, but we care about controlling the list of symbols exported from libruby-static.a and This commit uses `ld -r` to make a single object out of rustc's staticlib output, libyjit.a. This moves libyjit.a out of MAINLIBS and adds libyjit.o into COMMONOBJS, which obviates the code for merging libyjit.a into libruby-static.a. The odd appearance of libyjit.a in SOLIBS is also gone. To filter out symbols we do not want to export on ELF platforms, we use objcopy after the partial link. On darwin, we supply a symbol list to the linker which takes care of hiding unprefixed symbols. [Bug #19255] Co-authored-by: Nobuyoshi Nakada <>
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