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@@ -1005,6 +1005,11 @@ Appendix C. Functions Available in extconf.rb
These functions are available in extconf.rb:
+ have_macro(macro, headers)
+Checks whether macro is defined with header. Returns true if the macro
+is defined.
have_library(lib, func)
Checks whether the library exists, containing the specified function.
@@ -1021,20 +1026,61 @@ Checks whether func exists with header. Returns true if the function
exists. To check functions in an additional library, you need to
check that library first using have_library().
+ have_var(var, header)
+Checks whether var exists with header. Returns true if the variable
+exists. To check variables in an additional library, you need to
+check that library first using have_library().
Checks whether header exists. Returns true if the header file exists.
+ find_header(header, path...)
+Checks whether header exists in path. Returns true if the header file
+ have_struct_member(type, member, header)
+Checks whether type has member with header. Returns true if the type
+is defined and has the member.
+ have_type(type, header, opt)
+Checks whether type is defined with header. Returns true if the type
+is defined.
+ check_sizeof(type, header)
+Checks the size of type in char with header. Returns the size if the
+type is defined, otherwise nil.
Generates the Makefile for the extension library. If you don't invoke
this method, the compilation will not be done.
+ find_executable(bin, path)
+Finds command in path, which is File::PATH_SEPARATOR-separated list of
+directories. If path is nil or omitted, environment varialbe PATH
+will be used. Returns the path name of the command if it is found,
+otherwise nil.
with_config(withval[, default=nil])
Parses the command line options and returns the value specified by
+ enable_config(config, *defaults)
+ disable_config(config, *defaults)
+Parses the command line options for boolean. Returns true if
+--enable-<config> is given, or false if --disable-<config> is given.
+Otherwise, yields defaults to the given block and returns the result
+if it is called with a block, or returns defaults.
dir_config(target[, default_dir])
dir_config(target[, default_include, default_lib])
@@ -1044,6 +1090,12 @@ to $CFLAGS and/or $LDFLAGS. --with-<target>-dir=/path is equivalent to
--with-<target>-include=/path/include --with-<target>-lib=/path/lib.
Returns an array of the added directories ([include_dir, lib_dir]).
+ pkg_config(pkg)
+Obtains the information of pkg by pkg-config command. The actual
+command name can be overriden by --with-pkg-config command line
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