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2007-11-04* eval.c (rb_f_send): allow send/__send__ to call methods of allmatz
2007-02-24* yarvtest/test_method.rb: removed (merged to bootstraptest).aamine
2007-02-23* test/ruby/test_yield.rb: new test.aamine
2007-02-23* test/ruby/test_optimization.rb: new test (merges test_opts.rb).aamine
2007-02-23* test/ruby/test_assignment.rb: merge yarvtest/test_massign.aamine
2007-02-23* test/ruby/test_primitive.rb: new test.aamine
2007-02-12set svn:eol-styleshyouhei
2007-02-08* yarvtest/yarvtest.rb: check target command names.ko1
2007-02-06* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): fix setting is_local flag.ko1
2007-02-06* compile.c, insns.def: remove (get|set)instancevariable2 and add ako1
2007-02-05* proc.c: support Binding#eval.ko1
2007-01-06* insns.def (send) : fix to optimize send() with Symbol.ko1
2007-01-06* insns.def : support direct method dispatch with "send" or "funcall".ko1
2007-01-05* yarvtest/yarvtest.rb : fix to compare resultsko1
2007-01-04* : rename yarv-test-[all/each] to compare-test[/-each].ko1
2006-12-31 * Merge YARVko1