path: root/version.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-20add disabling MJIT features option.ko1
2018-08-10version.c: MKSTR for fake.rbnobu
2018-08-10version.c: separate Init_ruby_descriptionnobu
2018-02-24version.h: get rid of duplicationnobu
2018-02-22version.c: show +JIT when --jit is passedk0kubun
2016-01-07version.c: no exit in ruby_show_copyrightnobu
2015-11-29version.c: remove ruby_engine_namenobu scan version.cnobu accurate fakenobu
2015-06-09version.c: use str_new_staticnobu
2015-04-08version.c: support RUBY_ENGINE_VERSIONnobu
2015-02-18version.c: last commit titlenobu
2014-06-05version.c: show malloc_confnobu
2013-11-28version.c: EXIT_SUCCESSnobu
2013-05-15loadpath.c: splitnobu
2013-02-18version.c: move ruby_exec_prefixnobu empty versionnobu architecture namenobu
2012-06-14* eval.c: Add doxygen comments.yugui
2012-03-27* (verconf.h): separate load path specific stuff fromnobu
2011-06-29 * math.c: Attach documentation for Math.drbrain
2010-11-22* (SITE_DIR, VENDOR_DIR),nobu
2010-08-23* include/ruby/version.h (RUBY_API_VERSION_*): renamed and movednobu
2010-04-15* vm.c (vm_backtrace_each): get rid of use of malloc from signalnobu
2010-03-17* (RUBY_EXEC_PREFIX): added to config.h.nobu
2010-02-08* dmyversion.c: empty load path in miniruby.nobu
2010-01-25* version.c (RUBY_LIB, RUBY_*_LIB): moved from configures.nobu
2009-10-22* version.c (ruby_initial_load_paths): moved terminating semicolon.nobu
2009-02-05* (RUBY_LIB_VERSION): added for library version, tonobu
2008-08-14* version.c (Init_version): add RUBY_ENGINE constant.matz
2008-06-21auto update version.h test lasteban
2008-06-21auto update version.h testeban
2008-06-21auto update version.h testeban
2008-06-21auto update version.h testeban
2008-06-21auto update version.h testeban
2008-03-10* version.c (MKSTR): make US-ASCII. [ruby-dev:34010]nobu
2008-01-06* $Date$ keyword removed to avoid inclusion of locale dependentakr
2007-12-22* (encs, ext/ripper/ripper.c): needs MFLAGS.nobu
2007-08-25* encoding.c: provide basic features for M17N.matz
2007-06-10* include/ruby: moved public headers.nobu
2006-11-26Sun Nov 26 16:36:46 2006 URABE Shyouhei <>shyouhei
2005-09-12* array.c: moved to ANSI function style from K&R function style.ocean
2005-05-12* version.c (ruby_show_version): flush for non-tty stdout.nobu
2004-03-25* version.c (ruby_show_copyright): obtain copyright year fromnobu
2004-01-22* parse.y (opt_rescue): use NODE_ERRINFO() instead ofmatz
2003-01-16Updated Copyrights of Matz to 2003.michal
2002-01-11* re.c (match_select): should propagate taintness.matz
2001-10-29* parse.y (str_extend): shuould allow interpolation of $-x.matz
2001-02-14* dir.c (dir_s_glob): supprt backslash escape of metacharactersmatz