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2008-10-14* io.c (Init_IO): $FILENAME and $* must be read-only. [ruby-dev:36698]nobu
2008-10-09* variable.c (rb_mod_remove_cvar): fix r19711.mame
2008-10-08* variable.c (classname, rb_obj_remove_instance_variable),nobu
2008-10-08* variable.c (autoload_delete, autoload_file): should not deletenobu
2008-09-26 * variable.c (rb_define_hooked_variable): cast to get rid of compilerusa
2008-09-26* variable.c (global_variable, struct trace_var): made functionnobu
2008-09-23* include/ruby/node.h, node.h: move node.h from include path.ko1
2008-08-13* object.c (rb_obj_untrusted): new method Object#untrusted?.shugo
2008-07-01 * ext/digest/digest.c (rb_digest_instance_inspect): constified.shyouhei
2008-06-26* variable.c (rb_f_trace_var): should not be allowed at safe level 4. matz
2008-06-09* include/ruby/ruby.h (CONST_ID): constant ID cache for non-gcc.nobu
2008-06-08* array.c, bignum.c, cont.c, dir.c, dln.c, encoding.c, enumerator.c,ko1
2008-05-31* suppress warnings with -Wwrite-string.nobu
2008-05-02* variable.c (rb_define_hooked_variable): guard *var from GC toakr
2008-04-07* load.c (rb_provided): check expanded path for relative pathnobu
2008-03-26* variable.c (rb_mod_constants): rdoc updated. a patch frommatz
2008-03-10* eval.c (rb_f_local_variables): local_variables should return anmatz
2008-03-09fix doc.akr
2008-02-25* include/ruby/ruby.h (ROBJECT_NUMIV): renamed from ROBJECT_LEN.akr
2008-02-13* include/ruby/ruby.h (RObject): add iv_index_tbl for shortcut ofakr
2008-01-06* $Date$ keyword removed to avoid inclusion of locale dependentakr
2007-12-24* proc.c (method_name): preserve Symbol's encoding.matz
2007-12-24* eval.c (rb_exc_raise): ANSI style.akr
2007-12-18* object.c (rb_obj_freeze): preserve frozen state of immediatematz
2007-11-26* variable.c (rb_f_global_variables): variable names should notmatz
2007-11-19* check struct timespec, clock_gettime, utimensat,akr
2007-11-09* variable.c (rb_cvar_set): cvar assignment obey same rule to cvarmatz
2007-10-03* variable.c (rb_cvar_set): check whether class variable ismatz
2007-09-29 * variable.c (obj_ivar_each): get rid of warning.usa
2007-09-29* variable.c (rb_ivar_set): fix class instance variable.akr
2007-09-28* include/ruby/intern.h: export rb_ivar_foreach.akr
2007-09-01* (rb_f_catch): generate new tag object if no argument ismatz
2007-08-25* encoding.c: provide basic features for M17N.matz
2007-06-17* variable.c (rb_global_entry, rb_f_untrace_var, rb_alias_variable,nobu
2007-06-17* variable.c (rb_path2class): get rid of dangling pointer caused bynobu
2007-06-14* eval_load.c (Init_load): delay allocating an array for rb_load_pathakr
2007-06-10* include/ruby: moved public headers.nobu
2007-06-07* iseq.c (prepare_iseq_build): freeze filename and name string.ko1
2007-02-23* parse.y, compile.c, gc.c, insns.def, intern.h, iseq.c, node.h,matz
2007-02-06* variable.c (ivar_i): need to support class local instancematz
2007-02-02* vm.c (eval_get_cvar_base): destination for class variable accessmatz
2007-02-02* variable.c (rb_cvar_set): remove warn argument.matz
2006-12-31 * Merge YARVko1
2006-12-11* variable.c (rb_define_const): typo fixed.matz
2006-12-04* intern.h, object.c, variable.c (rb_mod_constants): added an optionalnobu
2006-09-18* dir.c (dir_s_glob): remove unused variable.matz
2006-09-04* eval.c (rb_f_local_variables): list symbols.matz
2006-08-31* ruby.h (struct RString): embed small strings.matz
2006-07-20* object.c (rb_mod_attr): make Module#attr to be an alias tomatz
2006-06-22* variable.c (rb_mod_name): returns nil for anonymous modules.matz