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2007-12-25* tool/make-snapshot: more portable.eban
2007-12-25* tool/make-snapshot (revision): sed does not support +.nobu
2007-12-25* trunk/, goruby.c, golf_prelude.rb: for golfers.nobu
2007-12-24* tool/make-snapshot: must create configure and lex.c.eban
2007-12-24* tool/compile.rb, getrev.rb, runruby.rb: remove unused tools.ko1
2007-12-24* tool/serb.rb: removed.akr
2007-12-22* (encs, ext/ripper/ripper.c): needs MFLAGS.nobu
2007-12-22* tool/insns2vm.rb: moved from lib/vm/instruction.rb.ko1
2007-12-22* tool/insns2vm.rb: set property.nobu
2007-12-21* tool/compile_prelude.rb: use erb.akr
2007-12-17* win32/enc-setup.mak: extracts BUILTIN_ENCOBJS.nobu
2007-12-17* (encs): new target to compile external encodings.nobu
2007-11-15* tool/compile_prelude.rb: fix TMP_RUBY_PREFIX for relative load pathakr
2007-11-15escape "{" too.akr
2007-11-15* tool/compile_prelude.rb: absolute path may not start with a slash.akr
2007-11-15* tool/compile_prelude.rb: fix first substitution.akr
2007-11-15* tool/compile_prelude.rb: use constant for prefix.akr
2007-11-15* tool/compile_prelude.rb: use simple template system for sourceakr
2007-11-15* tool/compile_prelude.rb (c_esc): need to escape closing brace.matz
2007-11-15* tool/compile_prelude.rb: adjust RbConfig::CONFIG paths relativeakr
2007-11-13* tool/makedocs.rb, template/insnstbl.html: removed.ko1
2007-11-13* tool/ytab.sed: get rid of GNU sed feature. a patch from Laurentnobu
2007-11-13* (parse.c), ext/ripper/depend (ripper.c): process afternobu
2007-11-10add comment for interpreter issue.akr
2007-11-10don't use 1.9 feature.akr
2007-11-10* gem_prelude.rb: new file for gem libraries. currently empty.akr
2007-08-25* (prelude.o): depends on vm_core.h now.nobu
2007-08-24* tool/compile_prelude.rb: fix to include "vm_core.h".ko1
2007-08-24* prelude.rb: added. run this script on startup.ko1
2007-08-06* ( auto-generate node name list.nobu
2007-06-29* tool/insns2vm.rb, lib/vm/instruction.rb: move process bodyko1
2007-06-24* vm_macro.def: removed.ko1
2007-05-03*, insns.def, vm.c, tool/insns2vm.rb (rb_num_t):nobu
2007-02-06* compile.c, insns.def: remove (get|set)instancevariable2 and add ako1
2007-02-06* (*.inc): use VPATH.nobu
2007-01-29* tool/compile.rb: replace YARVCore by VM class.matz
2007-01-29* tool/parse.rb: replace YARVCore by VM class.matz
2006-12-31 * Merge YARVko1