path: root/tool/vcs.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-30vcs.rb: fix errorsnobu
2018-01-29Suport ruby 1.9.3naruse
2018-01-27vcs.rb: prepend DebugSystem to VCSnobu
2018-01-26vcs.rb: old version cannot refine modulesnobu
2018-01-26vcs.rb: dcommit for each commitnobu
2018-01-26vcs.rb: debug print in system methodnobu
2017-12-19vcs: --add-author-fromnobu
2017-12-18vcs.rb: --add-author-from optionnobu
2017-12-13vcs.rb: raise NotFoundError when command not foundnobu
2017-12-13Revert r61054naruse
2017-12-06vcs.rb: fix r61054nobu
2017-12-06vcs.rb: raise NotFoundError when command not foundnobu
2017-12-03Set binmode to handle non ASCII commit messagenaruse
2017-10-21fix up r60243nobu
2017-10-21vcs.rb: try to extract revision number from tagsnobu
2017-08-26vcs.rb: refresh after dcommitnobu
2017-07-26vcs.rb: commitnobu
2017-04-18vcs.rb: env for commandnobu
2017-04-10vcs.rb: remove git stuffnobu
2017-03-24export_changelog must specify the branch's urlnaruse
2016-12-14vcs.rb: no ext/date in vcs.rbnobu
2016-11-08vcs.rb: fix GIT.get_revisionsnobu
2016-11-08vcs.rb: format from git-lognobu
2016-11-08vcs.rb: expand srcdirnobu
2016-11-08vcs.rb: fix srcdir in VCS::GITnobu
2016-11-07vcs.rb: suppress warningnobu
2016-11-07vcs.rb: exclude beginning revisionnobu
2016-11-07vcs.rb: unnecessary argumentsnobu
2016-11-07vcs.rb: use chdir optionnobu
2016-11-07vcs.rb: popen with envnobu
2016-11-06remove debug sleep & exitnaruse
2016-11-06* tool/vcs.rb (export_changelog): generate ChangeLog file fromnaruse
2016-08-07vcs.rb: suppress warningsnobu
2016-07-02tool: add descriptions and fix typosnormal
2016-04-01improve git repository detectionnobu
2016-01-20vcs.rb: git worktreenobu
2016-01-09vcs.rb: srcdir accessornobu
2015-12-24* tool/vcs.rb (IO.popen): Refactor. Avoid assigning in condition.sorah
2015-12-24* tool/vcs.rb (IO.popen): Enable on Ruby 1.9 where chdir option is notsorah update-man-datenobu
2015-02-23vcs.rb: do not use -C for older gitnobu
2015-02-18version.c: last commit titlenobu
2015-02-18vcs.rb: refactornobu
2015-01-27vcs.rb: include svn property commitsnobu
2015-01-23vcs.rb: fix after_exportnobu
2015-01-20make-snapshot: make revision.h by makenobu
2015-01-20vcs.rb: fix for local svnnobu
2015-01-20* tool/vcs.rb: fix the exception given remote-url of svn.hsbt
2015-01-18vcs.rb: search svn directorynobu
2015-01-18vcs.rb: debugnobu