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2011-07-30* strftime.c (NEEDS): avoid SEGV due to integer overflow in sparc-solaris2.10ngoto
2011-05-31* strftime.c (rb_strftime_with_timespec): improved style consistency.yugui
2011-04-25* random.c (random_rand): remove unused variables.naruse
2011-03-07cancel subversion backfire. sorrymatz
2011-03-07* gc.c (rb_gc_set_params): allow GC parameter configuration bymatz
2011-03-03* strftime.c (STRFTIME): return 0 and ERANGE when precision is toonaruse
2011-01-30* strftime.c (rb_strftime_with_timespec): %G produces 4 digits.akr
2011-01-01* strftime.c: parenthesize macro arguments.akr
2010-08-08* strftime.c (rb_strftime_with_timespec): suppress warnings.akr
2010-07-10* strftime.c (rb_strftime_with_timespec): fix precision handling forakr
2010-07-09* strftime.c: unused declarations removed.akr
2010-07-09* strftime.c (rb_strftime_with_timespec): clear colons at unknownakr
2010-07-09* strftime.c: don't call tzset. strftime.c doesn't depend onakr
2010-07-08unused code removed.akr
2010-07-07* strftime.c (rb_strftime_with_timespec): support %:z and %::z.akr
2010-03-31* time.c: less bignum allocations.akr
2010-03-25* bignum.c, node.h, strftime.c, enc/trans/utf8_mac.trans: added explicit cast...muraken
2009-12-06* strftime.c: %l should be 1..12 instead of 0..12 [ruby-core:27072]naruse
2009-11-26* removed spaces just before tabs.nobu
2009-11-24* strftime.c: %Y format a year with 4 digits at least.akr
2009-11-03fix typos.akr
2009-05-12* time.c: support fixed UTC offset. [ruby-dev:38326]akr
2009-04-22* time.c (localtime_with_gmtoff): fixed cross function jump.nobu
2009-04-21* time.c: remove time_t restriction from Time class.akr
2009-03-17* dir.c, dln.c, parse.y, re.c, ruby.c, sprintf.c, strftime.c,nobu
2009-03-12* array.c, bignum.c, dln.c, error.c, gc.c, io.c, marshal.c,nobu
2009-02-22stripped trailing spaces.nobu
2008-12-23* strftime.c (rb_strftime): use locale insensitive functions for tr_TRakr
2008-11-27 * strftime.c (rb_strftime): should add padding for %%.tadf
2008-11-26* strftime.c (STRFTIME): use rb_strftime() recursively, instead ofmatz
2008-11-25* strftime.c (STRFTIME): should add padding for %[xXrR] etc.matz
2008-11-25* strftime.c (rb_strftime): should not swallow incompletematz
2008-11-25* strftime.c (rb_strftime): "%^P" should convert to upper case.matz
2008-11-25* strftime.c (FMT): use "%0d" formatter for zero padding, not "%.d".matz
2008-11-24* strftime.c (rb_strftime): The # flag should work with %a, %A, %b,shugo
2008-11-24* strftime.c (rb_strftime): A width specifier for %t and %n shouldshugo
2008-11-24* strftime.c (rb_strftime): The precision of %0N should be 9.shugo
2008-11-24* strftime.c (rb_strftime): The default precision should be 1, notshugo
2008-10-12* strftime.c (rb_strftime): suppressed warnings on cygwin.nobu
2008-10-04* dln.c: Ruby no longer supports Windows CE.yugui
2008-10-04* dln.c: Ruby no longer supports MS-DOS.yugui
2008-08-31 * strftime.c (rb_strftime): calc timezone offset by myself if systemusa
2008-08-28* strftime.c (rb_strftime): supported %s and %P.shugo
2008-08-28* strftime.c (rb_strftime): fixed a bug of padding.shugo
2008-08-28* strftime.c (rb_strftime): Time.mktime(2000).strftime("%-S") shouldshugo
2008-08-23* strftime.c (daylight, timezone): not provied as dllexport on cygwin,nobu
2008-08-23* strftime.c (rb_strftime): support more flags.nobu
2008-08-22* strftime.c (rb_strftime): supported flags and precision for mostnobu
2008-08-21* strftime.c (rb_strftime): supported %F and %<precision>N.shugo
2008-08-21* strftime.c: include ruby/config.h instead of ruby/ruby.h.shugo