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2022-08-29Update to ruby/spec@d01709fBenoit Daloze
2022-08-07Silent backtrace from cve_2019_8325_spec.rbNobuyoshi Nakada
Since the change at f310ac1cb2964f635f582862763b2155aacf2c12 to show the backtraces by default, this test started to show the backtraces. As the backtraces are not the subject of this test, silence them by using Gem::SilentUI. Notes: Merged: Merged-By: nobu <>
2022-04-25Update to ruby/spec@3affe1eBenoit Daloze
2022-01-28Update to ruby/spec@902ab83Benoit Daloze
2022-01-10Update to ruby/spec@226cfdcBenoit Daloze
2021-10-20Update to ruby/spec@d6921efBenoit Daloze
2021-08-13Update to ruby/spec@330c641Benoit Daloze
2021-07-29Update to ruby/spec@b65d01fBenoit Daloze
2020-12-27Update to ruby/spec@4ce9f41Benoit Daloze
2020-09-152.8 -> 3.0 in specsBenoit Daloze
2020-05-03Update to ruby/spec@032ee74Benoit Daloze
2020-04-01Drop support for ruby 2.4 from ruby/specNobuyoshi Nakada
Notes: Merged:
2020-03-28Update to ruby/spec@ec84479Benoit Daloze
2020-01-12Also ignored cve_2014_8080_specHiroshi SHIBATA
Notes: Merged:
2019-11-18Deprecate taint/trust and related methods, and make the methods no-opsJeremy Evans
This removes the related tests, and puts the related specs behind version guards. This affects all code in lib, including some libraries that may want to support older versions of Ruby. Notes: Merged:
2019-11-09Removed trial and errorsNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-11-09Specify the permissionNobuyoshi Nakada
To make the temporary directory non-writable by group and others.
2019-11-09Fixed the debug printNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-11-09Debug-print tmpdir infoNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-11-09Add debug printKazuhiro NISHIYAMA
2019-11-09Try to fix test-spec failure on macOSYusuke Endoh
Not sure what is happening, but spec/ruby/security/cve_2018_6914_spec.rb fails on macOS. I suspect that the state of a directory is weird immediately after it is created (not writable or even world writable?). This change tries to make sure that ENV["TMPDIR"] is actually used by Dir.tmpdir.
2019-10-29Fix tests for CVE-2018-6914Nobuyoshi Nakada
Since the current working directory is not involved in `Tempfile` and `Dir.mktmpdir` (except for the last resort), it is incorrect to derive the traversal path from it. Also, since the rubyspec temporary directory is created under the build directory, this is not involved in the target method. Fixed sporadic errors in test-spec.
2019-07-27Update to ruby/spec@875a09eBenoit Daloze
2019-06-27Update to ruby/spec@8d74d49Benoit Daloze
2019-04-27Update to ruby/spec@15c9619Benoit Daloze
2019-03-28Update to ruby/spec@e81b3cderegon
git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98ff-823fe69b080e
2019-02-21Update to ruby/spec@7a16e01eregon
git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98ff-823fe69b080e
2018-10-27Update to ruby/spec@8b743a3eregon
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2018-08-03Update to ruby/spec@9be7c7eeregon
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2018-07-11spec/ruby/security/cve_2018_6914_spec.rb: get rid of leftover filesnormal
I ran out of inodes in $TMPDIR :< git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98ff-823fe69b080e
2018-06-13Update to ruby/spec@4bc7a2beregon
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2018-04-28Update to ruby/spec@6f38a82eregon
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2018-03-04Update to ruby/spec@c1b568beregon
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2018-01-29Update to ruby/spec@83063a3eregon
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2017-09-20Move spec/rubyspec to spec/ruby for consistencyeregon
* Other ruby implementations use the spec/ruby directory. [Misc #13792] [ruby-core:82287] git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98ff-823fe69b080e