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2013-07-20* sample/*: whitespace patch by Sergio Campama [Fixes GH-364]zzak
2011-05-15* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2007-12-24* sample/openssl: reviewed and remove dependency on getopts.rb.gotoyuzo
2006-10-05* sample/openssl/c_rehash.rb: Use digest/md5 instead of obsolete md5.knu
2006-05-08* ext/openssl/extconf.rb: add check for OBJ_NAME_do_all_sorted.gotoyuzo
2004-03-26 * lib/logger.rb: trim tail space of each line. no user visible change.nahi
2004-01-29 * sample/openssl/gen_csr.rb: follow OpenSSL::X509::Name change.nahi
2003-11-05* sample/openssl/gen_csr.rb: there (at least) is a CA which does not accept DNnahi
2003-09-04* sample/openssl: added. Sample of standard distribution library should benahi