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2018-09-15Fix issues detected by code analysis tool (mainly Coverity).nobu
2018-01-18Fix typos.hsbt
2017-02-11Merge Onigmo 6.1.1naruse
2017-01-25regcomp.c: debug function [ci skip]nobu
2016-12-21regcomp.c: Fix compile error with old version of fcc on Solarisngoto
2016-12-10Merge Onigmo 6.0.0naruse
2016-11-30Regexp supports Unicoe 9.0.0's \Xnaruse
2016-10-03* regcomp.c (onig_print_compiled_byte_code): make the shown addressnaruse
2016-07-01* regcomp.c (noname_disable_map): don't optimize out group 0naruse
2016-05-25regcomp.c: fix debug conditionalsnobu
2016-05-25* regcomp.c: remove condition for debug output because preludenaruse
2016-05-25* regcomp.c (compile_length_tree): return error code immediatelynaruse
2015-12-09Revert r52995nobu
2015-12-09use atomic operationsnobu
2015-11-26* regcomp.c, regenc.c, regexec.c, regint.h, enc/unicode.c:naruse
2014-09-15* reg*.c: Merge Onigmo 5.15.0 38a870960aa7370051a3544naruse
2014-07-16* regcomp.c: Merge Onigmo 5.14.1 25a8a69fc05ae3b56a09.naruse
2013-07-04* regcomp.c (): Merge Onigmo 5.13.5 23b523076d6f1161.naruse
2013-04-13* Merge Onigmo 5.13.4 f22cf2e566712cace60d17f84d63119d7c5764ee.naruse
2013-03-01* Merge Onigmo 0fe387da2fee089254f6b04990541c731a26757fnaruse
2012-03-05Remove unused variables.naruse
2012-02-18* regcomp.c, regexec.c: fix-up warnings.nobu
2012-02-17* Merge Onigmo-5.13.1. [ruby-dev:45057] [Feature #5820]naruse
2011-12-15* regcomp.c (onig_region_memsize): implemented for memsize_of().nobu
2011-12-05* class.c (rb_obj_methods), compile.c (iseq_compile_each),nobu
2011-11-15* regcomp.c (print_indent_tree): fix double printing of ENCLOSE_OPTIONnaruse
2011-02-23Show encoding of compiling regexp.naruse
2011-01-31* addr2line.c: suppressed shorten-64-to-32 warnings.naruse
2010-11-26* regcomp.c (setup_tree): restart setup_tree() for a node whosenaruse
2010-11-26* regcomp.c (onig_is_prelude): added to check whether ruby is stillnaruse
2010-11-25* regcomp.c (print_distance_range): use PRIuSIZE.naruse
2010-11-17* regint.h (OnigOpInfoType): constify name.naruse
2010-08-17* regcomp.c: revert r26701; it introduces Bug #3681.naruse
2010-08-14* regcomp.c (onig_memsize): constified.nobu
2010-03-02* regcomp.c (noname_disable_map): add NT_ANCHOR case.naruse
2010-03-01* include/ruby/oniguruma.h: updated to follow Oniguruma 5.9.2.matz
2010-02-17* regcomp.c (setup_tree, onig_compile): optimize .* at last bymame
2010-01-28* regcomp.c (onig_compile): initialize ScanEnv.naruse
2009-12-21* regcomp.c (optimize_node_left): include equal on the condition of for-loop.naruse
2009-12-21* regcomp.c (print_enc_string): follow enclen's change.naruse
2009-08-30*regparse.c (CC_DUP_WARN): use rb_compile_warn if ScanEnv has sourcenaruse
2009-06-30* include/ruby/oniguruma.h, include/ruby/re.h, re.c, regcomp.c,nobu
2009-06-16* array.c (rb_ary_memsize): added.ko1
2009-02-22stripped trailing spaces.nobu
2008-07-01* regexec.c (stack_double): use MatchStackLimitSize atomically.nobu
2008-01-03* include/ruby/oniguruma.h: Oniguruma 1.9.1 merged.matz
2007-09-06* array.c (rb_ary_cycle): typo in rdoc. a patch from Yuguimatz
2007-07-23* include/ruby/oniguruma.h: upgrade to Oniguruma 5.9.0. fixesmatz
2007-05-23* oniguruma.h: updated to Oniguruma 5.7.0.matz
2007-03-19* regparse.c, etc.: K&R to ANSI code cleanup patch from Stefanmatz