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2014-11-27* lib.matrix.rb: Fix typo. Patch by Dimitrios Zorbas. [GH-772]marcandre
2014-11-19* lib/matrix.rb: Vector#independent? and associated class methodmarcandre
2014-11-19* lib/matrix.rb: Add Vector#angle_withmarcandre
2014-10-29* lib/matrix.rb: Generalize Vector#cross_product to arbitrary dimensionsmarcandre
2014-10-29* lib/matrix.rb: Add Matrix#adjucatemarcandre
2014-10-29* lib/matrix.rb: Add aliases for Vector#cross & dotmarcandre
2014-10-07* lib/matrix.rb: Add @- and @+ for Matrix and Vector.marcandre
2014-10-07* lib/matrix.rb: Add Matrix#laplace_expansion.marcandre
2014-10-07* lib/matrix.rb: Add Vector.basis.marcandre
2014-10-03* lib/matrix.rb: Add hstack & vstack methods.marcandre
2014-10-03* lib/matrix.rb: Fix Matrix.rows copy bug.marcandre
2014-09-24* lib/matrix.rb: Fix docs. Patched by Ben Woodall. [GH-726]ayumin
2014-07-18* lib/matrix.rb: Avoid using `and`.marcandre
2014-07-11* lib/matrix.rb: Fix sign for cross_product [#9499]marcandre
2014-04-06* lib/matrix.rb: Add Matrix#cofactor [fix GH-568]marcandre
2014-04-06* lib/matrix.rb: Add first_minor [fix GH-568]marcandre
2014-04-06* lib/matrix: Handle empty diagonal matrix case [fix GH-576]marcandre
2013-04-19* lib/matrix.rb: Fix typo in rdocmarcandre
2013-04-13* lib/matrix.rb: Add Vector#cross_product, patch by Luis Ezcurdiamarcandre
2013-02-05* lib/matrix.rb: Fix error message, patch by pypypy [Bug #7777]marcandre
2013-01-30* lib/matrix.rb: Take conjugate for inner productmarcandre
2012-12-17* lib/matrix.rb (#dup): typo in example [ruby-core:50946][Bug #7582]zzak
2012-12-10* lib/matrix: alias {row|column}_size to {row|column}_count and use the latter.marcandre
2012-10-28* lib/matrix.rb: Fix determinant_e [ruby-dev:46305] [Bug #7228]marcandre
2012-10-25revert r37326 "remove string literal concatenation"nobu
2012-10-25remove string literal concatenationnobu
2012-09-03matrix.rb: complex vectornobu
2012-04-16* lib/matrix.rb (hermitian?): Bug fix, patch by George Koehlermarcandre
2012-01-26* lib/matrix.rb: Clean up extra whitespace in output documentation.drbrain
2011-12-30* lib/matrix.rb (symmetric?): Trivial optimizationmarcandre
2011-09-10* lib/matrix.rb: Deal with subclasses of Matrix [redmine #5307]marcandre
2011-07-09Remove duplicated definition.naruse
2011-07-09* lib/matrix.rb: Add Vector#normalize [ruby-dev:43829]marcandre
2011-07-01* lib/matrix: Add LUP decompositionmarcandre
2011-07-01* lib/matrix.rb: Allow non integer exponents for Matrix#**marcandre
2011-07-01* lib/matrix: Add Eigenvalue Decompositionmarcandre
2011-07-01* lib/matrix: Add Matrix#roundmarcandre
2011-06-29* lib/matrix.rb: can build rectangular matrices.marcandre
2011-06-29* lib/matrix.rb: Add Matrix#diagonal?, hermitian?, normal?, orthogonal?marcandre
2011-06-29* lib/matrix.rb: Specialize Matrix#find_index to return [row, col]marcandre
2011-06-29* lib/matrix.rb: Matrix#each{_with_index} can iterate over a subset of the Ma...marcandre
2010-06-23Clean warnings: unused variables.naruse
2010-06-05* lib/matrix.rb (eql?, ==, minor): Fix bugs when comparing/returningmarcandre
2010-06-05* lib/matrix.rb: trivial optimizationsmarcandre
2010-05-17* lib/matrix.rb (determinant): Trivial optimization (thanks to Benoit Daloze)marcandre
2010-05-02* NEWS: List all changes to lib/matrixmarcandre
2010-04-29* lib/matrix.rb: Improve algorithm for Matrix#determinant and Matrix#rankmarcandre
2010-04-29* lib/matrix.rb (Matrix#singular?, Matrix#regular?): raise on rectangularmarcandre
2010-04-11* lib/matrix.rb: New method [ruby-core:28272]marcandre
2010-04-11* lib/matrix.rb: Deprecate Vector#elements_to{i/f/r}marcandre