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2008-10-25* gc.c (gc_profile_result): bug fix. The millisecond is 1/1000.nari
2008-10-09 * include/ruby/ruby.h: embeds the elements of an array into itsyugui
2008-10-06* gc.c (gc_mark_children): ignores T_ZOMBIE.nobu
2008-10-04* dln.c: Ruby no longer supports MS-DOS.yugui
2008-10-04* djgpp/ removed. Ruby no longer supports djgpp.yugui
2008-10-04* x68/_dtos18.c: removed. Ruby no longer supports human68k.yugui
2008-10-01* gc.c (rb_gc_call_finalizer_at_exit): finalize deferred IO and Data.nobu
2008-10-01* gc.c (rb_gc_call_finalizer_at_exit): deffers IO finalization.nobu
2008-09-23* include/ruby/node.h, node.h: move node.h from include path.ko1
2008-09-20 * complex.c: an instance method image has been removed andtadf
2008-09-15* gc.c, include/ruby/ruby.h: rename rb_register_mark_object()ko1
2008-09-09* include/ruby/io.h (rb_io_t): rename field: writeconv_stateless toakr
2008-09-05* include/ruby/ruby.h (DBL2NUM): renamed from DOUBLE2NUM.matz
2008-09-04* gc.c (gc_profile_record_get): to static function.nari
2008-09-04* vm_core.h (struct rb_vm_struct): replaced signal staff with trapnobu
2008-09-03* include/ruby/io.h (rb_io_t): new fields: encs.ecopts andakr
2008-09-03* include/ruby/signal.h: removed.ko1
2008-08-29* gc.c, include/ruby/ruby.h: rename T_DEFERRED to T_ZOMBIE.ko1
2008-08-23* include/ruby/io.h (rb_io_t): remove path field and add pathv field.akr
2008-08-18* include/ruby/io.h (rb_io_t): new fields: writeconv,akr
2008-08-14* gc.c (getrusage_time): should return the value.nobu
2008-08-13* gc.c: count only freed object as freelist size.ko1
2008-08-12* gc.c (getrusage_time): Returned effective value on Windows.kouji
2008-08-12 * gc.c (gc_profile_result): use rb_str_catf.nari
2008-08-12 * gc.c (gc_profile_result): use sprintf.nari
2008-08-11* gc.c (getrusage_time): works only if RUSAGE_SELF is defined rightnobu
2008-08-11 * gc.c: added GC::Profiler.nari
2008-08-09* gc.c (STACK_LEVEL_MAX, ruby_stack_length): returns size_t.nobu
2008-08-06* gc.c (run_final): runs finalizers with the object terminated.nobu
2008-08-06* gc.c (chain_finalized_object): deletes finalizers to be invoked fromnobu
2008-08-06* gc.c (rb_gc_call_finalizer_at_exit): self-referencing finalizersnobu
2008-08-01* gc.c (allocate_heaps, assign_heap_slot, rb_newobj_from_heap):mame
2008-07-27* gc.c (gc_mark_children, obj_free): T_DEFERRED should not be appear.ko1
2008-07-27* include/ruby/ruby.h: add a type T_DEFERRED.ko1
2008-07-25* gc.c (gc_sweep, obj_free, run_final): defer finalizers of IO andnobu
2008-07-05 * gc.c: revert. before lazy sweep.nari
2008-07-04 * gc.c (garbage_collect_force): sweep is completely ended.nari
2008-07-02* eval.c (Init_eval), gc.c (Init_GC), proc.c (Init_Proc): freezenobu
2008-07-02* gc.c (rb_during_gc): VALUE cache is irrelevant.nobu
2008-07-02* gc.c: add rb_during_gc(). based on a patch from arton <artonx ATsuke
2008-07-02*gc.c (gc_lazy_sweep) : use lazy sweep algorithm for response performance gain.nari
2008-06-30* gc.c (rb_newobj): abort GC phase before rb_bug.nobu
2008-06-30* gc.c (chain_finalized_object): should not delete from finalizernobu
2008-06-30* gc.c (gc_finalize_deferred): allow object allocation in finalizers.nobu
2008-06-30 * gc.c (rb_newobj): prohibit call of rb_newobj() during gc whenusa
2008-06-28* include/ruby/ruby.h (struct RRegexp): new field usecnt. replaceakr
2008-06-18* gc.c (rb_newobj): prohibit call of rb_newobj() during gc.shyouhei
2008-06-15* vm_core.h (rb_vm_t), vm.c (rb_vm_mark): moved preallocated specialnobu
2008-06-14* gc.h (STACK_UPPER): moved from gc.cnobu
2008-06-13* gc.c (ruby_initial_gc_stress): defined.akr