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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2005-02-28* exception error messages updated. [ruby-core:04497]matz
2005-02-16* cancel [ruby-dev:25699], which is for 1.9.matz
2005-02-15* ext/readline/readline.c (Readline.readline): use rl_outstreammatz
2005-01-16* ext/readline/readline.c: suppress warnings.nobu
2004-12-03* ext/readline/readline.c: check $SAFE. (backported from CVS HEAD)shugo
2004-11-01* MANIFEST, ext/**/MANIFEST: removed.eban
2004-07-15* ext/readline/extconf.rb: added dir_config for curses, ncurses,shugo
2004-04-05* eval.c (top_include): include in the wrapped load is done formatz
2003-07-26* ext/tk/lib/tk.rb (TkCore::chooseDirectory): back up wronglymatz
2003-04-17* ext/dbm/dbm.c (each_pair): add prototype to avoid VC++ warnings.usa
2003-04-17* ext/readline/readline.c: add the defined operator for bcc32.eban
2003-04-09* ext/readline/readline.c: include <unistd.h> only whenusa
2003-01-16-Wall cleanups (removed unused vars, no 'code has no effect' warnings)michal
2002-09-08* modify program_prefix only if specifiedeban
2002-08-30* ext/Win32API/Win32API.c (Win32API_Call): RSTRING()->ptr may benobu
2002-06-20* ext/readline/readline.c (readline_readline): get rid ofnobu
2002-03-04Make cvs ignore mkmf.log.knu
2001-12-19* ext/readline/readline.c: new methodsshugo
2001-09-06* ext/readline/readline.c: restore terminal modeshugo
2001-07-19Rename *.jp to *.ja, since jp is a region code and ja is a languageknu
2001-07-05Detypo and reword a bit.knu
2001-07-02* error.c (exc_exception): clone the receiver exception instead ofmatz
2001-06-23* ext/readline/readline.c (readline_event): a non-void functionknu
2001-06-19* ext/readline/readline.c: add new methods:knu
2001-05-07* parse.y (arg): "||=" should not warn for uninitialized instancematz
2001-05-06forgot some checkins.matz
2001-01-09Add .cvsignore's.knu
2000-05-13support mingw32.eban
1999-08-13remove marshal/gtk/kconvmatz
1999-01-20Initial revisionmatz