path: root/ext/psych/parser.c
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2012-05-17* ext/psych/parser.c (transcode_string): fix encoding index names.tenderlove
2012-04-06* ext/psych/parser.c: fall back to any encoding if the externaltenderlove
2012-02-24* ext/psych/parser.c: prevent a memory leak by protecting calls totenderlove
2012-02-23* ext/psych/parser.c: set parser encoding based on the YAML inputtenderlove
2012-02-09* ext/psych/parser.c: removed external encoding setter, allow parsertenderlove
2011-11-30* ext/psych/parser.c (parse): parse method can take an option filetenderlove
2011-10-26* ext/psych/parser.c: remove unused variable.emboss
2011-10-04* ext/psych/lib/psych/syntax_error.rb: Add file, line, offset, andtenderlove
2011-10-04* ext/psych/parser.c (parse): Use context_mark for indicating errortenderlove
2011-06-06* ext/psych/parser.c (parse): release event objects to plug memorytenderlove
2011-04-21* ext/psych/parser.c (parse): strings from psych have proper tainttenderlove
2011-03-22* ext/psych/parser.c: parenthesize macro arguments.akr
2011-01-22reverting r30628 since this seems like a bug in libyamltenderlove
2011-01-22* ext/psych/parser.c (parse): fixing off-by-one error on line numberstenderlove
2011-01-22* ext/psych/parser.c (parse): add the file name to the exception whentenderlove
2011-01-22* ext/psych/parser.c (parse): fix assertion error when reusing atenderlove
2011-01-17* ext/psych/lib/psych/parser.rb (Mark): Adding a class to wraptenderlove
2010-05-19* ext/psych/lib/psych.rb: Adding Psych::Exceptiontenderlove
2010-05-19* ext/psych/emitter.c: using xmalloc and xfree for memory allocationtenderlove
2010-05-17* process.c: suppress warning for signed and unsigned typemame
2010-05-11* ext/psych/parser.c (PSYCH_TRANSCODE): get rid of bare use of gccnobu
2010-05-11* ext/psych/parser.c: fixed broken indent.nobu
2010-05-10* ext/psych/parser.c (parse): Return strings encoded astenderlove
2010-04-10* ext/psych/parser.c: Fixing a segv in test-all. Thanks Yusuke!tenderlove
2010-04-09* ext/psych/parser.c: parse raises a TypeError when nil is passed in.tenderlove
2010-04-08* ext/psych/*.c: not executable.nobu
2010-03-29* ext/psych/{emitter,parser,psych}.c: move variablenaruse
2010-03-28* ext/psych/*: importing Psych to trunktenderlove