path: root/ext/io/console/depend
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-07-14Include ruby/assert.h in ruby/ruby.h so that assertions can be thereNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-02-11Use $(hdrdir) for include/ruby.h, as well as r67033nobu
2017-12-08support gperf 3.1nobu
2017-03-22ruby tool/update-deps --fixshyouhei
2016-07-06Update dependenciesnobu merge win32_vk.hnobu
2015-07-21console.c: undefined vknobu
2015-06-13* ext/io/console/depend (.list.chksum): revert a part of r50859, becauseusa suppress warningsnobu
2015-05-08extconf.rb: no nmake style VPATHnobu
2015-05-08depend: no nmake style VPATHnobu
2015-05-07checksum.rb: check the targetnobu renamednobu
2015-05-06io/console: win32_vk dependenciesnobu
2015-05-03console.c: pressed? on Windowsnobu
2013-04-14* ext/-test-/debug/depend: New file.akr