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2012-04-13* encoding.c (rb_enc_codepoint_len): Use UNREACHABLE to avoid "controldrbrain
2011-08-16* ext/dl: Add documentation. Patch by Vincent Batts. [Ruby 1.9 - Bug #5192]drbrain
2011-07-20* ext/dl/handle.c (dlhandle_sym): clear previous error with dlerror()naruse
2011-03-25* ext/sdbm/_sdbm.c (sdbm_open): use size_t.naruse
2011-01-05* Use _WIN32 rather than checking for windows.h. Thanks Jon Forums!tenderlove
2010-07-18* include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_data_type_t): restructured. [ruby-dev:41862]nobu
2010-07-13* ext/dl/handle.c (rb_dlhandle_close): should not pass a dynamicnobu
2010-05-21* suppress warnings.nobu
2009-10-25* ext/dl/handle.c (dlhandle_sym): fixed an invalid local variablenobu
2009-10-25* ext/dl/handle.c (rb_dlhandle_close): fixed an invalid localnobu
2009-10-25* ext/dl/handle.c (**) adding documentationtenderlove
2009-10-25* ext/dl/handle.c (rb_dlhandle_close_enabled_p) testing that handles cantenderlove
2009-10-25* ext/dl/handle.c (**) adding documentationtenderlove
2009-10-25* ext/dl/handle.c (rb_dlhandle_sym) refactoring rb_secure(2)tenderlove
2009-10-25* ext/dl/handle.c (rb_dlhandle_sym) removing unnecessary code. Addingtenderlove
2009-10-24* ext/dl/handle.c (rb_dlhandle_close) check return value of dlclose()tenderlove
2009-10-23* ext/ext/dl/handle.c (rb_dlhandle_initialize) added rb_secure(2)tenderlove
2009-09-09* ext/dl/cfunc.c (dlcfunc_data_type): typed.nobu
2009-05-23* ext/dl/handle.c (rb_dlhandle_s_sym): added a method to accessnobu
2009-03-17* win32/Makefile.sub (config.h): added RUBY_COREDLL.nobu
2009-03-17* ext/dl: made indent style insistent.nobu
2009-03-11* ext/dl/handle.c (rb_dlhandle_sym): RTLD_NEXT is not for symbolnobu
2009-03-11* ext/dl/handle.c (rb_dlhandle_sym): moved conditinally used variable.nobu
2009-03-11* ext/dl/handle.c (rb_dlhandle_sym): fixed heap corruption.nobu
2009-03-09* ext/dl/dl.c (Init_dl): protoized.nobu
2009-03-02* ext/dl/dl.h (dlerror): fixed on Windows.nobu
2009-03-02* ext/dl/handle.c (rb_dlhandle_sym): get rid of buffer overrun,nobu
2009-02-17* ext/dl/handle.c (rb_dlhandle_sym): moved conditionally used variable.nobu
2006-10-14* parse.y (parser_warning, parser_warn): some error message maymatz
2005-09-24banish some warnings.akr
2005-03-04* array.c: replace rb_protect_inspect() and rb_inspecting_p() bymatz
2005-02-08added bcc32 support [ruby-dev:25657] and fixed a minor bug.ttate
2005-02-07minor bugfix.ttate
2005-02-07Improved DL::Handle#sym.ttate
2005-02-04added new files.ttate
2005-02-04remove all files to replace ruby-dl with ruby-dl2.ttate
2004-05-23Merged Nakada-san's patch [ruby-core:02916].ttate
2003-11-13Merge the patch of [ruby-ext:02242]. (Thanks, Masahiro Sakai)ttate
2003-03-29* eval.c (avalue_to_svalue): use rb_check_array_type() again.matz
2003-03-24security enhancement of dl library (need test).matz
2003-01-16-Wall cleanups (removed unused vars, no 'code has no effect' warnings)michal
2003-01-12Check the return value of dlopen().ttate
2002-12-20* ext/curses/curses.c, ext/digest/digest.c, ext/dl/handle.c,nobu
2002-11-07Get rid of ineffective symbols, lines, constants and so on.ttate
2002-08-05Multiple call of the initialize.ttate
2002-08-04Conform to the allocation framework.ttate
2002-04-03Merge Nakada's patch and define StringValuePtr for ruby-1.6.ttate
2002-04-02Add ruby-dlttate