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2008-09-01* enc/depend: transdb.c may not present.nobu
2008-08-24* (BUILTIN_TRANSSRCS): defined.akr
2008-08-12 * enc/depend: (transvpath_prefix): prefix has no extension, so replaceusa
2008-08-12* enc/ (.SUFFIXES): renamed to .trans.nobu
2008-08-11* enc/trans/iso2022.trans: renamed from iso2022.erb.c.akr
2008-08-10* enc/ (make-workdir): use MAKEDIRS.nobu
2008-08-08* enc/depend (TRANSCSRCS): needs rule_subst to apply.nobu
2008-08-07* enc/depend: add transdb.c.nobu
2008-08-07* enc/depend: removed needless explicit commands.nobu
2008-08-06* enc/depend: enc/*.c is source but enc/trans/*.c is generated.naruse
2008-08-06* enc/depend: for build in other than srcdir.naruse
2008-08-06* enc/depend: transcode table generation depends onakr
2008-08-06* (transdb.h): requires transcoders.nobu
2008-08-06 * enc/depend: replace not only $(<:...) but also $<.usa
2008-08-06 * win32/Makefile.sub (config.status): export BASERUBY.usa
2008-08-05* enc/depend: added rules for .c from .erb.c.nobu
2008-08-05* tool/build-transcode: new file.akr
2008-06-09* enc/depend (clean): remove build directories.nobu
2008-04-07* encoding.c (enc_init_db): moved to enc/encdb.c.nobu
2008-02-22* enc/{depend,make_encdb.rb,trans/make_transdb.rb}: sort in alpha-numeric order.nobu
2008-02-13* lib/uri/generic.rb: revert r15442. 2nd argument of String#sub parsenaruse
2008-02-13 * enc/depend: fix typo.usa
2008-02-12* bootstraptest/runner.rb, bootstraptest/test_method.rb, enc/depend,naruse
2008-01-01* enc/depend: dependency updated.akr
2007-12-30* enc/depend: replace spaces by tabnaruse
2007-12-30* rm largefile.h.naruse
2007-12-24*,, lib/mkmf.rb, */Makefile.sub: specifynobu
2007-12-22* enc/depend, enc/make_encmake.rb: use erb.nobu
2007-12-21* ( depends on $(RBCONFIG) instead of rbconfig.rb.nobu
2007-12-20* ( depends on rbconfig.rb.nobu
2007-12-19* enc/ (RM): added.nobu
2007-12-18* enc/depend: get rid of target expanded as empty for nmake.nobu
2007-12-17* (BUILTIN_ENCS): removed.nobu
2007-12-17* (encs): added dependencies.nobu
2007-12-17* enc/depend: commit miss.nobu