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2022-05-02[DOC] Some YJIT dependencies are no longer requiredAlan Wu
The `capstone` crate on does not need `libcapstone` on the system because it builds from [source]. `gdbm` is now a separate gem (thanks for extracting it!). [source]:
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Fix configure line in YJIT build instructions
2022-04-27Rust YJITAlan Wu
In December 2021, we opened an [issue] to solicit feedback regarding the porting of the YJIT codebase from C99 to Rust. There were some reservations, but this project was given the go ahead by Ruby core developers and Matz. Since then, we have successfully completed the port of YJIT to Rust. The new Rust version of YJIT has reached parity with the C version, in that it passes all the CRuby tests, is able to run all of the YJIT benchmarks, and performs similarly to the C version (because it works the same way and largely generates the same machine code). We've even incorporated some design improvements, such as a more fine-grained constant invalidation mechanism which we expect will make a big difference in Ruby on Rails applications. Because we want to be careful, YJIT is guarded behind a configure option: ```shell ./configure --enable-yjit # Build YJIT in release mode ./configure --enable-yjit=dev # Build YJIT in dev/debug mode ``` By default, YJIT does not get compiled and cargo/rustc is not required. If YJIT is built in dev mode, then `cargo` is used to fetch development dependencies, but when building in release, `cargo` is not required, only `rustc`. At the moment YJIT requires Rust 1.60.0 or newer. The YJIT command-line options remain mostly unchanged, and more details about the build process are documented in `doc/yjit/`. The CI tests have been updated and do not take any more resources than before. The development history of the Rust port is available at the following commit for interested parties: Our hope is that Rust YJIT will be compiled and included as a part of system packages and compiled binaries of the Ruby 3.2 release. We do not anticipate any major problems as Rust is well supported on every platform which YJIT supports, but to make sure that this process works smoothly, we would like to reach out to those who take care of building systems packages before the 3.2 release is shipped and resolve any issues that may come up. [issue]: Co-authored-by: Maxime Chevalier-Boisvert <> Co-authored-by: Noah Gibbs <> Co-authored-by: Kevin Newton <> Notes: Merged:
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Revises intro. Adds "What's Here". Revises methods doc. Notes: Merged-By: BurdetteLamar <>
2022-04-25[DOC] mention assignment expression valuesNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-04-24More details for Rational literals (#5840)Burdette Lamar
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2022-04-18[DOC] Enhanced RDoc for MatchData (#5819)Burdette Lamar
Treats: #begin #end #match #match_length Notes: Merged-By: BurdetteLamar <>
2022-04-18[DOC] Enhanced RDoc for MatchData (#5818)Burdette Lamar
Treats: #regexp #names #size #offset Notes: Merged-By: BurdetteLamar <>
2022-04-16[DOC] Enhanced RDoc for Regexp (#5812)Burdette Lamar
Treats: #fixed_encoding? #hash #== #=~ #match #match? Also, in regexp.rdoc: Changes heading from 'Special Global Variables' to 'Regexp Global Variables'. Add tiny section 'Regexp Interpolation'. Notes: Merged-By: BurdetteLamar <>
2022-04-15[DOC] Enhanced RDoc for Regexp (#5807)Burdette Lamar
Treats: #source #inspect #to_s #casefold? #options #names #named_captures Notes: Merged-By: BurdetteLamar <>
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2022-04-14More details for regexp literals (#5800)Burdette Lamar
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2022-04-12Enhanced RDoc for Symbol (#5795)Burdette Lamar
Treats: #== #inspect #name #to_s #to_sym #to_proc #succ #<=> #casecmp #casecmp? #=~ #match #match? Notes: Merged-By: BurdetteLamar <>
2022-04-11Specify which core classes are convertible (#5790)Burdette Lamar
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2022-04-07All-in-one RDoc for class String (#5777)Burdette Lamar
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2022-04-06[DOC] Enhanced RDoc for string slices (#5769)Burdette Lamar
Creates file doc/string/slices.rdoc that the string slicing methods can link to. Notes: Merged-By: BurdetteLamar <>
2022-04-04Enhanced RDoc for String#index (#5759)Burdette Lamar
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2022-04-03[DOC] Enhanced RDoc for String (#5753)Burdette Lamar
Treats: #length #bytesize Notes: Merged-By: BurdetteLamar <>
2022-04-03[DOC] Describe append_{c,cpp,ld}flagsv3_2_0_preview1Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-04-02[DOC] Enhanced RDoc for String (#5751)Burdette Lamar
Adds to doc for, also making it compliant with documentation_guide.rdoc. Fixes some broken links in io.c (that I failed to correct yesterday). Notes: Merged-By: BurdetteLamar <>
2022-04-02[DOC] Fix broken links to encodings.rdocNobuyoshi Nakada
Also prefers class name based references than file name based references.
2022-04-01[DOC] Main doc for encodings moved from encoding.c to doc/encodings.rdoc (#5748)Burdette Lamar
Main doc for encodings moved from encoding.c to doc/encodings.rdoc Notes: Merged-By: BurdetteLamar <>
2022-03-31[DOC] Enhanced RDoc for String (#5742)Burdette Lamar
Treats: #force_encoding #b #valid_encoding? #ascii_only? #scrub #scrub! #unicode_normalized? Plus a couple of minor tweaks. Notes: Merged-By: BurdetteLamar <>
2022-03-30doc/regexp.rdoc: Add explanation about Regexp timeout configurationYusuke Endoh
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2022-03-29[DOC] Enhanced RDoc for String (#5730)Burdette Lamar
Treats: #start_with? #end_with? #delete_prefix #delete_prefix! #delete_suffix #delete_suffix! Notes: Merged-By: BurdetteLamar <>
2022-03-28[DOC] Enhanced RDoc for String (#5726)Burdette Lamar
Treats: #ljust #rjust #center #partition #rpartition Notes: Merged-By: BurdetteLamar <>
2022-03-27[DOC] Enhanced RDoc for String (#5724)Burdette Lamar
Treats: #scan #hex #oct #crypt #ord #sum Notes: Merged-By: BurdetteLamar <>
2022-03-24[DOC] Enhanced RDoc for String (#5707)Burdette Lamar
Treated: #chomp #chomp! #chop #chop! Notes: Merged-By: BurdetteLamar <>
2022-03-24[DOC] Refine flip-flopNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-03-24Add Yuta Saito (katei) as the platform maintainer of WebAssembly/WASIYusuke Endoh
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2022-03-22[DOC] Enhanced RDoc for String (#5685)Burdette Lamar
Treats: #chars #codepoints #each_char #each_codepoint #each_grapheme_cluster #grapheme_clusters Also, corrects a passage in #unicode_normalize that mentioned module UnicodeNormalize, whose doc (:nodoc:, actually) says not to mention it. Notes: Merged-By: BurdetteLamar <>
2022-03-22[DOC] re-count test suites run by `make check` [ci skip]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-03-21[DOC] Use RDoc inclusions in string.c (#5683)Burdette Lamar
As @peterzhu2118 and @duerst have pointed out, putting string method's RDoc into doc/ (which allows non-ASCII in examples) makes the "click to toggle source" feature not work for that method. This PR moves the primary method doc back into string.c, then includes RDoc from doc/string/*.rdoc, and also removes doc/string.rdoc. The affected methods are: ::new #bytes #each_byte #each_line #split The call-seq is in string.c because it works there; it did not work when the call-seq is in doc/string/*.rdoc. This PR also updates the relevant guidance in doc/documentation_guide.rdoc. Notes: Merged-By: BurdetteLamar <>
2022-03-22[DOC] Move old NEWS files to a separate directoryNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-03-18[DOC] Enhanced RDoc for String (#5675)Burdette Lamar
Treats: #split #each_line #lines #each_byte #bytes Notes: Merged-By: BurdetteLamar <>