path: root/dir.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-26fix "initialize miss".ko1
2018-09-25dir.c: fix glob with recursive and braceshirosaki
2018-09-25dir.c: fix memory leak of glob with bracesshirosaki
2018-09-22dir.c: performance fix with bracesshirosaki
2018-09-21Suppress more -Wparentheses warningsnobu
2018-07-26dir.c: fix glob with base when no DT_UNKNOWNnobu
2018-07-24Revert "dir.c: fix glob with base when no DT_UNKNOWN"naruse
2018-07-17dir.c: fix glob with base when no DT_UNKNOWNnobu
2018-07-09dir.c: fix directory globnobu
2018-06-22dir.c: define O_CLOEXEC for older systemsnormal
2018-04-19dir.c: warning for NULnobu
2018-04-08[DOC] `*` in glob matches `\n` too [ci skip]kazu
2018-03-30dir.c: Dir.glob examplenobu
2018-03-29dir.c: do not assume NUL terminatornobu
2018-03-28dir.c: check NUL bytesnobu
2018-02-23[DOC] missing docs at toplevelnobu
2018-01-24dir.c: Dir#each_childnobu
2018-01-22use predefined IDskazu
2018-01-18dir_closed marked as NORETURNshyouhei
2018-01-10dir.c: pass flags to openat(2) correctlynormal
2018-01-09internal.h: remove dependecy on ruby/encoding.hnobu
2017-12-10support 128bit ino on Windows (if available)usa
2017-12-09Dir#chdir keeps GVL if passed blocknormal
2017-12-04support nanosec file timestamp on newer Windowsusa
2017-11-26util.h: remove my_getcwdnobu
2017-11-21Use `const void*` instead of `const char*`kazu
2017-11-18Cannot call rb_thread_call_with{out,}_gvl before running VMusa
2017-11-18dir.c: openat calls release GVL, toonormal
2017-11-18dir: release GVL on opendirnormal
2017-11-15dir.c: revert r60772, r60770, and r60769normal
2017-11-15Cannot call rb_thread_call_without_gvl before running VMusa
2017-11-15nogvl readdir make SEGV on Windowsusa
2017-11-14dir.c: release GVL around remaining readdir callsnormal
2017-11-01dir.c: cast to suppress a warningnobu
2017-11-01dir: Dir.mkdir and Dir.rmdir release GVLnormal
2017-10-31use mode_t where applicable (instead of int)normal
2017-10-30dir: Dir.chdir releases GVLnormal
2017-10-27Revert "Dir.glob with FNM_EXTGLOB is optimized [Feature #13873]"naruse
2017-10-23Drop to support NaCl platform.hsbt
2017-10-22dir.c: adjust indent [ci skip]nobu
2017-10-22Dir.glob with FNM_EXTGLOB is optimized [Feature #13873]naruse
2017-10-21Revert "ignore server side error"naruse
2017-10-21ignore server side errornaruse
2017-10-21Revert "Dir.glob with FNM_EXTGLOB is optimized [Feature #13873]"naruse
2017-10-21Dir.glob with FNM_EXTGLOB is optimized [Feature #13873]naruse
2017-10-18Get rid of shadowing local variablesnobu
2017-10-04Dir.empty? releases GVLnormal
2017-08-08dir.c: fix up r59527nobu
2017-08-08dir.c: fix up r59481 for old kernelsnobu
2017-08-03dir.c: reduce syscallsnobu