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2011-08-27* backport r33096 from trunk.ktsj
2011-08-24* vm.c (vm_make_env_each): work around to solve Bug #2729.ko1
2011-07-10* vm_insnhelper.c (vm_throw): check a class frame.ko1
2011-07-10* vm_core.h (typedef struct rb_vm_struct): create a newkosaki
2011-07-10* load.c (rb_f_autoload): prevent to autoload for singletonmrkn
2011-07-08add test for [ruby-dev:44049].kosaki
2011-06-30* thread.c (rb_threadptr_check_signal): only wake up main thread.ko1
2011-06-17* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): fix return value of obj[a,*b]=c.naruse
2011-06-14* bootstraptest/runner.rb (show_progress): refine verbose mode.akr
2011-06-14* bootstraptest/runner.rb (show_progress): extracted from assert_check.akr
2011-06-11* bootstraptest/runner.rb: should initilize $stress to avoid warnings.eban
2011-05-15* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2011-03-31* vm_insnhelper.c (vm_get_ev_const): search root cref properly.shugo
2010-09-21* bootstraptest/test_method.rb: fix last commit.ko1
2010-09-21bootstraptest/test_method.rb: add a test for [ruby-core:30534].ko1
2010-06-27* bootstraptest/test_class.rb: add a test for [ruby-core:30843].mame
2010-05-19* iseq_compile_each (NODE_DEFINED): put nil first to fix stackmame
2010-05-09* vm_eval.c (eval_string_with_cref): propagative filename and line_nomame
2010-05-09* compile.c (iseq_compile_each), vm_insnhelper.c (vm_invoke_block,mame
2010-05-05* vm_method.c (rb_unlink_method_entry, rb_sweep_method_entry):ko1
2010-05-05* bootstraptest/test_io.rb (megacontent-copy_stream): get rid ofnobu
2010-04-27* insns.def (onceinlinecache): add exclusion control for a regionmame
2010-04-22* bootstraptest/test_thread.rb: fix test. [Bug #2342]mame
2010-04-21* parse.y (parser_yylex): reverted r27388 due to backwardnobu
2010-04-20* compile.c (NODE_NEXT, NODE_REDO): add dummy putnil instruction tomame
2010-04-19* bootstraptest/test_fork.rb: add a test for [ruby-core:28924].mame
2010-04-18* parse.y (parser_yylex): seems like a symbol-literal when spacesnobu
2010-04-18* parse.y (string_content): preserve cond_stack and cmdarg_stack.nobu
2010-04-18* bootstraptest/test_io.rb: reduced megacontent test.nobu
2010-02-17* bootstraptest/runner.rb (assert_normal_exit): add :timeout option.akr
2010-02-09* vm.c (vm_exec): reset thread state before starting vm loop.nobu
2010-02-07* bootstraptest/runner.rb: sort test files.akr
2010-01-31* vm_insnhelper.c (vm_throw): fixed infinite loop. [ruby-core:27969]mame
2009-12-11* bootstraptest/test_thread.rb: please please please remember that there areusa
2009-12-10* thread_pthread.c (native_mutex_reinitialize_atfork): release andnobu
2009-12-09* parse.y (dyna_pop_gen): pop dvars. [ruby-dev:39861]nobu
2009-12-04fixed tests.shugo
2009-11-30* parse.y (dyna_push_gen, dyna_pop_gen): adjust local vtable levelnobu
2009-11-25* bootsraptest/test_io.rb: skip the test of io/nonblock on Windows.usa
2009-11-24* bootstraptest/test_thread.rb: propagate the exception within a thread tousa
2009-11-19* test_thread.rb: DO NOT USE FORK WITHOUT RESCUE.usa
2009-11-18* thread.c (rb_thread_atfork_internal): reinitialize global locknobu
2009-11-15* thread.c (thread_cleanup_func): delete locking_mutex when threadmame
2009-10-16* bootstraptest/test_gc.rb: added tests based on [ruby-dev:39484]nobu
2009-09-23* tool/instruction.rb (make_header_prepare_stack): check stacknobu
2009-09-11* bootstraptest/test_thread.rb: just check for normal exit.nobu
2009-09-03* parse.y (literal_concat_gen): concat body from dstr instead ofnobu
2009-08-26* vm.c (collect_local_variables_in_env): skips internal variables.nobu
2009-08-23* bootstraptest/runner.rb (main): "usage" description updated.akr
2009-08-23* bootstraptest/runner.rb (Dir.mktmpdir): updated to latest.akr