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2018-11-04array.c: [DOC] add docs for Array#{filter,filter!}stomar
2018-11-04array.c: [DOC] improve Array#{select,select!,keep_if} docsstomar
2018-11-01introduce USE_TRANSIENT_HEAP to enable/disable theap.ko1
2018-10-30* remove trailing spaces, expand tabs.svn
2018-10-30support theap for T_HASH. [Feature #14989]ko1
2018-10-30* expand tabs.svn
2018-10-30introduce TransientHeap. [Bug #14858]ko1
2018-10-30* expand tabs.svn
2018-10-30revert r65444 and r65446 because of commit missko1
2018-10-30* expand tabs.svn
2018-10-30introduce TransientHeap. [Bug #14858]ko1
2018-10-30use RARRAY_AREF() instead of RARRAY_CONST_PTR().ko1
2018-10-19array.c, file.c, string.c: [DOC] fix typosstomar
2018-10-19array.c: improve docs for Array#differencestomar
2018-10-13array.c: fix rdoc syntaxstomar
2018-10-10revisit `RARRAY_PTR()`.ko1
2018-10-10revisit `RARRAY_PTR()`.ko1
2018-10-07Fix indent of output in doc [ci skip]kazu
2018-10-05* expand tabs.svn
2018-10-05Add difference method to Arraynobu
2018-09-21Fix sample code [ci skip]kazu
2018-09-20Enumerable#to_h with block and so onnobu
2018-09-20Introduce rb_ary_union_hash method in Arraynobu
2018-09-20Link Array#union from | methodnobu
2018-09-20Introduce rb_ary_union method in Arraynobu
2018-09-20Add union method to Arraynobu
2018-09-16array.c: Optimize rb_ary_and. Patch by Stefan Schüßler. [Fix GH-1938]marcandre
2018-09-13warn unused blocks with Enumerable#all? any? one? none?nobu
2018-08-28rest parameter optimization [Feature #15010]ko1
2018-07-22fix sum on infinitynobu
2018-07-11Make block spacing consistentnobu
2018-07-01Fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2018-06-23[DOC] Add call signature for {Array,Hash}#any?ktsj
2018-05-21array.c: use ruby_sized_free and SIZED_REALLOC_Nnormal
2018-05-08rb_ary_dig, rb_hash_dig: nobody is using them outside.shyouhei
2018-03-29array.c: yield blockarg in collectnobu
2018-02-25Add a new #filter alias for #selecteregon
2018-02-24Improve Array#sample with random documentationnobu
2018-02-15Array#values_at optimizationnobu
2018-02-12vm_insnhelper.c: inline array aref with integerk0kubun
2018-02-04mjit_compile.c: merge initial JIT compilerk0kubun
2018-02-01array.c: remove rb_ary_frozen_p / Array#frozen?normal
2018-01-27array.c: rb_check_to_arraynobu
2018-01-19don't abuse RSTRING_PTR (2nd try)shyouhei
2018-01-19svn merge -c -61947 .shyouhei
2018-01-19don't abuse RSTRING_PTRshyouhei
2018-01-19INFINITY is float. That of double is HUGE_VAL.shyouhei
2018-01-18[DOC] Add `Array#{append,prepend}` to call-seq [ci skip]kazu
2018-01-09internal.h: remove dependecy on ruby/encoding.hnobu
2018-01-02fix memory leak (FOUND BY A COMPILER WARNING)shyouhei