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2015-11-09* test/runner.rb: use official repository for coverage tool.hsbt
2015-11-02keywords: make name singednobu
2015-10-31ruby-runner: RUBY_INSTALL_NAMEnobu prefix RUBY in probes.hnobu tty at reconfignobu
2015-10-20highlight configurenobu add ruby-runner only if needednobu ruby-runner with exeextnobu
2015-10-03template/ POSIX for setenvnobu
2015-10-03ruby-runnernobu PIC lex.cnobu
2015-05-07* (rbconfig.rb): add rule to make.naruse selectable configurenobu CONFIGUREnobu no probes.stamp unless DTRACE_REBUILDnobu
2015-03-08miniinit.c: minimum built-in encodings in minirubynobu same fake.rbnobu
2015-03-07mkconfig.rb: without fake.rbnobu BOOTSTRAPRUBYnobu make static IDs symbols localnobu do not rebuild unnecessarilynobu
2015-02-03* (ruby-glommed.o): dependency on $(OBJ) should be writtenngoto link DTRACE_OBJnobu dtrace-specific stuffsnobu clean ext from toplevelnobu
2015-01-18builtin encodings and transcoder locationsnobu
2014-12-23*, move common-srcs to becauseusa run after-updatenobu rebuild verconf.h for each configurenobu INITOBJSnobu
2014-11-11* win32/Makefile.sub (prelude.c): search from source directory,nobu
2014-11-06reaply r48278nobu
2014-11-06Revert r48278 " update unicode data only if BASERUBY is available"naruse update unicode data only if BASERUBY is availablenobu split after-updatenobu update gems after updatenobu update unicode files only after update source treenobu
2014-09-02* (update-coverage): Remove a never executed line.kou
2014-09-02* test/runner.rb: reporting test coverage for test-all with COVERAGE env.hsbt with-destdirnobu integrate clean targetsnobu empty by distcleannobu move DEFAULT_PRELUDESnobu fix static-linked-extnobu extract date at build timenobu universal assembler rulesnobu suppress warningsnobu
2014-05-22constify character property tablesnobu
2014-04-13* Unused target, $(MKMAIN_CMD), removed.akr
2014-03-04* ".DEFAULT" target removed because it is not forakr