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2008-10-18* keywords, lex.c.src, opt_insn_unif.def, opt_operand.def: moved rarely changedyugui
2008-08-24* (BUILTIN_TRANSSRCS): defined.akr
2008-08-14* (gnumake): check for GNU make.nobu
2008-08-13* tool/make-snapshot: fix for clean up.nobu
2008-08-10* (extconf): use MAKEDIRS.nobu
2008-08-07*,, {bcc,win}32/Makefile.sub (clean-ext): do notnobu
2008-08-04Improved compatibility for mspec.yugui
2008-08-01Merged r16430(akr), r16431(akr), r16433(akr), r16469(nobu), andyugui
2008-07-02* (SET_LC_MESSAGES): LC_MESSAGES must be C.nobu
2008-05-31*, (warnflags): defaulted to -Wallnobu
2008-05-30* (prelude.c): simply depends on PREP. [ruby-dev:34877]nobu
2008-05-28* (MKPREP): appended $(RBCONFIG).nobu
2008-05-27* (MKPREP),, win32/Makefile.sub (prelude.c): getnobu
2008-05-08* (MINIRUBY), (RUBYOPT): add purelib.rb.nobu
2008-04-03*,,, {win32,bcc32}/Makefile.subnobu
2008-02-24*, {bcc,win}32/Makefile.sub (clean-local): removenobu
2008-01-25* (revision.h): extracts revision number with ``svn info''.nobu
2008-01-08* encoding.c,, include/ruby/oniguruma.h,naruse
2008-01-07 *,, */Makefile.sub (distclean-local): moveusa
2007-12-24*,, lib/mkmf.rb, */Makefile.sub: specifynobu
2007-12-17* (RUNRUBY): added RUNRUBYOPT.nobu
2007-12-15* (enc/Makefile): add external encoding objects list.nobu
2007-12-11*, */Makefile.sub (CP, MV): added.nobu
2007-11-14*, rename prelude.c to miniprelude.c.akr
2007-11-13* (parse.c), ext/ripper/depend (ripper.c): process afternobu
2007-11-13* lex.c.blt: moved from lex.c.akr
2007-11-12*, add prelude.o to MINIOBJS.akr
2007-11-12*, add ext_prelude.o to OBJS.akr
2007-11-12* (MINIDLNOBJS): removed.akr
2007-11-12rename DLNOBJS to MINIDLNOBJS.akr
2007-11-12* (DLNOBJS): defined.akr
2007-11-11revert previous commit.akr
2007-11-11* (miniruby): use $(LIBRUBY_A) with prelude.$(OBJEXT).akr
2007-11-11* (lex.c): simplified.akr
2007-11-11copy $(srcdir)/lex.c if gperf failed and $@ is not exist.akr
2007-11-11report how lex.c handled.akr
2007-11-11touch lex.c only if lex.c exists.akr
2007-11-11* (lex.c): touch lex.c if gperf failed.akr
2007-11-11* lex.c: renamed from lex.c.blt.akr
2007-11-10*,, don't generateakr
2007-11-10*, generate libminiruby-static.a akr
2007-11-10* (EXPLOBJS): create new variable for ext_prelude.o.akr
2007-11-10* gem_prelude.rb: new file for gem libraries. currently empty.akr
2007-10-10*, */Makefile.sub (VPATH): add enc directory.nobu
2007-09-25* (ext/extinit.o): use $(OUTFLAG) as well as othernobu
2007-06-10* use --output-file for gperf to not leave lex.c.tmp.akr
2007-06-10*, win32/Makefile.sub (XCFLAGS): -I. is needed for *.inc.nobu
2007-06-10* include/ruby: moved public headers.nobu
2007-06-08* lex.c.blt: moved from lex.c.akr
2007-02-28*,, */Makefile.sub (THREAD_MODEL): systemnobu