AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-06update Unicode version (and Emoji version) to 12.0.0duerst
2019-03-05Merge RubyGems upstream: 56c0bbb69e4506bda7ef7f447dfec5db820df20bhsbt
2019-03-05string.c: respect the actual encodingnobu
2019-03-05* 2019-03-05svn
2019-03-05Directories in RbConfig may not exist until installationnobu
2019-03-04* 2019-03-04svn
2019-03-04FindFirstFile cannot glob share namesnobu
2019-03-03Use --depth=1 for vs2019 as wellk0kubun
2019-03-03do not close FSs explicitly.ko1
2019-03-03* 2019-03-03svn
2019-03-03close opened files explicitlyko1
2019-03-01Stop sharding --jit-wait testingk0kubun
2019-03-01Try to build readline extension with vcpkg on Azure Pipelines.hsbt
2019-03-01Try to build vs2019preview on Azure Pipelines.hsbt
2019-03-01Fixed build failure of Travis CI. We need to support `make srcs`.hsbt
2019-03-01Add Azure Pipelines build status badge [ci skip]kazu
2019-03-01Drop obsoleted continueOnErrork0kubun
2019-03-01* 2019-03-01svn
2019-03-01Support YACC environment variable for ripper.hsbt
2019-02-28Add Azure Pipelines build status badge [ci skip]k0kubun
2019-02-28Mark vs2017 build as continueOnError for nowk0kubun
2019-02-28Revert "Try clean: true for vs2017 checkout failure"k0kubun
2019-02-28Try clean: true for vs2017 checkout failurek0kubun
2019-02-28Try fetchDepth: 1k0kubun
2019-02-28* 2019-02-28svn
2019-02-28Removed fake environment variable because It is not necessary for macOS.hsbt
2019-02-27* properties.svn
2019-02-27skip to not support color tty environment.hsbt
2019-02-27Test Bundler examples and bundled gems tests with Azure Pipeline.hsbt
2019-02-27* 2019-02-27svn
2019-02-27* expand tabs.svn
2019-02-27Remove stale argumentsnobu
2019-02-26* 2019-02-26svn
2019-02-26add exceptions for indenting conventions for files related to regular express...duerst
2019-02-24Check stx_btime in struct statxnobu
2019-02-24* 2019-02-24svn remove check for broken memmemglass skip check of statx() on AIXglass
2019-02-23Merge json-2.2.0 from flori/json.hsbt
2019-02-23spec/../rbconfig_spec.rb: skip spec not working on MinGWk0kubun
2019-02-23* 2019-02-23svn
2019-02-23spec/../shared/write.rb: suppress random failurek0kubun
2019-02-22* expand tabs.svn
2019-02-22change `cfunc->invoker` type for opt.ko1
2019-02-22STATX_BTIME depends on filesystemsnobu
2019-02-22Skip EPERM, when statx(2) is wholely blockednobu
2019-02-22Skip EPERM, like as r67102nobu
2019-02-22STATX_BTIME depends on filesystemsnobu
2019-02-22File#birthtime depends on the kernel version on Linuxnobu
2019-02-22Support File#birthtime on Linuxnobu