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2013-06-07* ext/json/fbuffer/fbuffer.h (fbuffer_append_str): change the place ofnaruse
2013-06-07* gc.c (before_gc_sweep): noinline can also avoid the segv instead ofnaruse
2013-06-07adjust stylenobu
2013-06-07* rational.c (numeric_quo): move num_quo in numeric.c to numeric_quomrkn
2013-06-07* gc.c (gc_clear_slot_bits): used only if no RGenGC.nobu
2013-06-07use NUM2SIZET and SIZET2NUMnobu
2013-06-07* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2013-06-07 * gc.c: use oldgen bitmap as initial mark bitmap when mijor gc.tarui
2013-06-07 * gc.c: introduce oldgen bitmap for preparing performance tuning.tarui
2013-06-07 * gc.c (MARKED_IN_BITMAP, MARK_IN_BITMAP, CLEAR_IN_BITMAP): bringtarui
2013-06-07* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2013-06-07 * array.c (ary_new): change order of allocation in order tarui
2013-06-07 * tool/rdocbench.rb: add gc total time infomation.tarui
2013-06-07* gc.c: remove "Sunny" terminology.ko1
2013-06-07* bignum.c (rb_int_import): explicitly casting BDIGIT_DBL to BDIGITmrkn
2013-06-06Arguments renamed.akr
2013-06-06Fix the class name.akr
2013-06-06* internal.h (rb_int_export): countp argument is split intoakr
2013-06-06* NEWS: describe a compatibility issue of Numeric#quomrkn
2013-06-06* NEWS: fix style.mrkn
2013-06-06* numeric.c: remove unused ID id_to_r introduced in r41109.eregon
2013-06-06* properties.nobu
2013-06-06* 2013-06-07svn
2013-06-06* bignum.c (rb_int_import): New function.akr
2013-06-06vm_method.c: change argument of set_visibilitynobu
2013-06-06* numeric.c (num_quo): Use to_r method to convert the receiver tomrkn
2013-06-06* properties.nobu
2013-06-06Specify dependencies.akr
2013-06-06* Invoke RUBY_REPLACE_TYPE for size_t.akr
2013-06-06 * ext/date/date_core.c: fixed coding error [ruby-core:55337].tadf
2013-06-06* ext/objspace/object_tracing.c: rename allocation_info tonari
2013-06-06* ext/objspace/object_tracing.c: allocation_info function isn'tnari
2013-06-06Remove empty directories.knu
2013-06-06fix a typokazu
2013-06-06vm_method.c: top_private rdocnobu
2013-06-06* numeric.c (num_quo): should return a Float for a Float argument.mrkn
2013-06-05* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2013-06-05 * gc.c (gc_mark): get rid of pushing useless objests.tarui
2013-06-05* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2013-06-05 * gc.c (rgengc_rememberset_mark): change scan algorithm for performance:tarui
2013-06-05* win32/win32.c (NET_LUID): define it on MinGW32.naruse
2013-06-05* 2013-06-06svn
2013-06-05* string.c (String#b): Allow code range scan to happen later soknu
2013-06-05* lib/net/imap.rb (capability_response): should ignore trailingshugo
2013-06-05* bignum.c (big_fdiv): Use nlz() instead of bdigbitsize().akr
2013-06-05add description of test in commentkazu
2013-06-05* include/ruby/ruby.h: fix alignment in comment.mrkn
2013-06-05add parentheses for claritycharliesome
2013-06-05* random.c (int_pair_to_real_inclusive): Add a cast to BDIGIT.akr