AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2005-09-20* ext/io/wait/lib/nonblock.rb: disable on platforms non-blocking flagnobu
2005-09-20* eval.c (thread_mark): mark th->last_status. [ruby-dev:27179]akr
2005-09-20* test/webrick/test_cgi.rb: set ENV["PATH"] to CGIEnvPath onocean
2005-09-20* io.c: PIPE_BUF is not defined on BeOS. use _POSIX_PIPE_BUF instead.ocean
2005-09-20* ext/syck/emitter.c (syck_scan_scalar): prevent indicators fromwhy
2005-09-19* test/xmlrpc/test_webrick_server.rb (setup_http_server):ocean
2005-09-19* file.c (rb_thread_flock): should have resolved conflict.matz
2005-09-19* 2005-09-20eban
2005-09-19* lib/mathn.rb (Fixnum): remove debug print.matz
2005-09-19* io.c (io_close): call rb_io_close() directly if io is a T_FILEmatz
2005-09-19* file.c (rb_file_chown): should accept nil. [ruby-dev:27171]aamine
2005-09-19not ruby-dev, but ruby-list. [ruby-list:41054]aamine
2005-09-19* lib/find.rb: should raise ENOENT if root entry does not exist. [ruby-dev:41...aamine
2005-09-19* ext/ripper/depend: do not make ripper/core.rb. [ruby-dev:26462]aamine
2005-09-19* ext/ripper/eventids2.c: add prefix `t' to lambda related lexer events.aamine
2005-09-19forgot to check-inaamine
2005-09-19* parse.y (do_block): do_block event dispatches 2 args. [ruby-dev:26964]aamine
2005-09-19additional ChangeLog for rb_w32_selectocean
2005-09-18* ext/openssl/ossl_pkey.h, ossl_pkey_rsa.c, ossl_pkey_dsa.c:gotoyuzo
2005-09-18* lib/fileutils.rb: method renaming: collect_methods -> collect_method.aamine
2005-09-18* lib/fileutils.rb: use module_function instead of single extend.aamine
2005-09-18* lib/fileutils.rb (remove_entry_secure): does not use chdir(2).aamine
2005-09-18* 2005-09-19eban
2005-09-18* file.c (rb_thread_flock): wrap the flock system call byakr
2005-09-18* ChangeLog: fix typo.nobu
2005-09-17* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_select): documented problem.ocean
2005-09-17* lib/yaml/rubytypes.rb: remove comments that are bungling upwhy
2005-09-17* ChangeLog: commit miss, forgot to add log for file.c.nobu
2005-09-17* file.c (rb_file_join): convert components by to_s instead of to_str.nobu
2005-09-17* gc.c (garbage_collect): return false if no GC run.nobu
2005-09-17* 2005-09-18eban
2005-09-17* lib/mathn.rb (Rational::inspect): should preserve originalmatz
2005-09-17* test/socket/test_tcp.rb (TestTCPSocket::test_recvfrom): typomatz
2005-09-17* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_select): fixed deadlock bug.ocean
2005-09-17* 2005-09-17eban
2005-09-17no messageocean
2005-09-17* test/ruby/test_readpartial.rb (test_open_pipe, test_with_stdio):ocean
2005-09-17* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_select): I hope performance problem wasocean
2005-09-17* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_select): console support is back.ocean
2005-09-17* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_select): select for socket didn't work.ocean
2005-09-17* ext/tk/lib/multi-tk.rb: MultiTkIp#eval_string and bg_eval_stringnagai
2005-09-16* lib/rss/maker/base.rb (RSS::Maker::ItemsBase#normalize): fixedkou
2005-09-16* lib/net/imap.rb: supported DIGEST-MD5. Thanks, Mathieu Arnold.shugo
2005-09-16* dir.c (rb_push_glob): fix delimiter bug. fixed: [ruby-dev:27105]nobu
2005-09-16* gc.c (rb_memerror, ruby_xmalloc, ruby_xrealloc, rb_newobj): justnobu
2005-09-16* file.c (rb_file_s_extname): empty string for path name ending with anobu
2005-09-16* ext/syck/node.c (syck_replace_str): was using return from thematz
2005-09-16* ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c: patch from "NATORI Shin"matz
2005-09-16* ext/tk/lib/multi-tk.rb: fix typo on MultiTkIp#bg_eval_stringnagai
2005-09-16* ext/syck/rubyext.c (syck_resolver_transfer): remove C++ stylematz