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2013-07-18* lib/cgi.rb: [DOC] Capitalize "Ruby" in documentation [Fixes GH-341]zzak
2013-07-18* bignum.c (bary_sq_fast): Specialize the last iteration of theakr
2013-07-18* array.c (rb_ary_equal): compare RARRAY_PTR() for performanceglass
2013-07-18* array.c (rb_ary_fill): use memfill().glass
2013-07-18* array.c (rb_ary_count): check length to avoid SEGVeregon
2013-07-18* hash.c (rb_hash_flatten): performance improvement by not usingglass
2013-07-18* hash.c (rb_hash_flatten): performance improvement by not usingglass
2013-07-18* array.c: add logging feature for RGenGC's write barrier unprotectko1
2013-07-18ruby.h: error only in the corenobu
2013-07-18* include/ruby/ruby.h: fix spell miss.ko1
2013-07-18ruby.h: no $nobu
2013-07-18* array.c (ary_alloc): slim setup process.ko1
2013-07-18* string.c (str_alloc): no need to clear RString (already cleared).ko1
2013-07-18* bignum.c (BDIGITS_ZERO): Defined.akr
2013-07-17* 2013-07-18svn
2013-07-17* gc.c: rename gc related functions with prefix "gc_".ko1
2013-07-17* hash.c (delete_if_i): use
2013-07-17* bignum.c: An static assertion for relation of SIZEOF_LONG andakr
2013-07-17* hash.c (rb_hash_replace): performance improvement by usingglass
2013-07-17* gc.c: rename heap management functions with prefix "heap_".ko1
2013-07-17hash.c: key name in error messagenobu
2013-07-17* gc.c: catch up last changes for debugging/checking mode.ko1
2013-07-17* gc.c (rb_objspace_free): free slot itself.ko1
2013-07-17* gc.c (unlink_heap_slot): fix memory leak.ko1
2013-07-17* gc.c: re-design the heap structure.ko1
2013-07-17* gc.c: fix heaps_header and heaps_slot to reduce memory consumption.ko1
2013-07-17* include/ruby/st.h (st_strcasecmp): Macro defined for compatibility.akr
2013-07-17ChangeLog: Update r42013 r42014.xibbar
2013-07-16* lib/cgi/util.rb (CGI::Util#escape, unescape): Unuse regexp specialxibbar
2013-07-16* lib/erb.rb (ERB::Util#url_encode): Unuse regexp special globalxibbar
2013-07-16* st.c (st_locale_insensitive_strcasecmp): Renamed from st_strcasecmp.akr
2013-07-16* 2013-07-17svn
2013-07-16* bignum.c (bigmul1_toom3): Use bigdivrem_single instead of bigdivrem.akr
2013-07-16* revert r42008. strcasecmp() uses the current
2013-07-16* check strcasecmp().glass
2013-07-16* bignum.c (bigsq): Renamed from bigsqr.akr
2013-07-16* bignum.c (USHORT): Unused macro removed.akr
2013-07-16* gc.c: slim a path of newobj_of().ko1
2013-07-16* bignum.c (big_shift3): Big shift width is not a problem for rightakr
2013-07-16array.c: fix typonobu
2013-07-16test_string.rb: Bug #8642nobu
2013-07-16* bignum.c (bary_mul_karatsuba): Avoid duplicate calculation whenakr
2013-07-16* gc.c (link_free_heap_slot): removed.ko1
2013-07-16* gc.c (assign_heap_slot): refactoring variable names.ko1
2013-07-16* gc.c (lazy_sweep): refactoring.ko1
2013-07-16fix a typokazu
2013-07-16revert last commit because it fails test-all.ko1
2013-07-16* gc.c (after_gc_sweep): refactoring code.ko1
2013-07-16encoding.c: revert r41964nobu
2013-07-16* io.c (appendline): cosmetic changeglass