AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-26* 2016-11-26svn
2016-11-26net/ftp: support timeout for TLS handshake.shugo
2016-11-24* 2016-11-25svn
2016-11-24use `rb_struct_ptr` for `RSTRUCT_PTR` macrousa
2016-11-24marshal.c: fix infinite recursionnobu
2016-11-24marshal.c: negative limitnobu
2016-11-24test_fileutils.rb: fix deadlocknobu
2016-11-24Add credit and PR/issue numbers.shugo
2016-11-23resolv: use safe navigation operator to avoid extra hash lookupsnormal
2016-11-23webrick/server: use symbol procnormal
2016-11-23* 2016-11-24svn
2016-11-23Add CR/LF check to Net::FTP#status.shugo
2016-11-23test_fileutils.rb: Use primary group toonobu
2016-11-23lib/net/ftp: fix typonormal
2016-11-23rescue Errno::EPROTOTYPE in FTPTest#test_list_read_timeout_exceeded.shugo
2016-11-23Don't encode to UTF-8 if it's unnecessary.shugo
2016-11-23Disconnect immediately even if Net::FTP#close is called without quit.shugo
2016-11-23Add a new optinal argument pathname to FTP#stat.shugo
2016-11-22Use `&.` instead of `if` and `? :`kazu
2016-11-22parse.y: warn ? followed by a wordnobu
2016-11-22* 2016-11-23svn
2016-11-22Use `&.` and `||=` instead of if guardsnobu
2016-11-22IOError does not happenkazu
2016-11-22Use `&.` instead of modifier ifkazu
2016-11-22complex.c: optimize f_gt_p some casesmrkn
2016-11-22Add BufferedSSLSocket#send.shugo
2016-11-22complex.c: optimize Kernel#Complexmrkn
2016-11-22webrick/server: simplify Daemon.startnormal
2016-11-21resolv: use symbol proc when possiblenormal
2016-11-21socket: use symbol proc for IO#close loopsnormal
2016-11-21lib/open3: favor symbol proc when possiblenormal
2016-11-21lib/*: remove closed checksnormal
2016-11-21* 2016-11-22svn
2016-11-21Revert r56856nobu
2016-11-21ftp.rb: fix typo [ci skip]nobu
2016-11-21Add new options open_timeout and read_timeout to
2016-11-21Use dynamic dispatch instead of is_a?.shugo
2016-11-21net/http: avoid writing/reading from unstarted SSL socketrhe
2016-11-21parse.y: tCHAR cannot be concatenatednobu
2016-11-21* 2016-11-21svn
2016-11-21numeric.c: refine error messagenobu
2016-11-20proc.c: enable Proc#to_s rdocnobu
2016-11-20proc.c: suppress warningnobu
2016-11-20Remove an unused variable to suppress a warning.shugo
2016-11-20win32ole.c: suppress warningsnobu
2016-11-20get rid of test failures introduced at r56848usa
2016-11-20remote_address should be called on @bare_sock.shugo
2016-11-20shutdown(2) should not be called for SSLSocket.shugo