AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-05-22move duplicate assertionsnobu
2016-05-21just check Integernobu
2016-05-21hash method valuesnobu
2016-05-21* 2016-05-22svn
2016-05-21* ext/zlib/zlib.c: remove hacky macro introduced at r30437.naruse
2016-05-21Revert r50102naruse
2016-05-21* include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_scan_args): don't use ALWAYS_INLINE withusa
2016-05-21* include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_scan_args): use __VA_ARGS__ instead ofnaruse
2016-05-21* (ALWAYS_INLINE): force compilers the function inlined.naruse
2016-05-21openssl: fix possible SEGV on race between SSLSocket#stop and #connectrhe
2016-05-21openssl: fix SSL client example in documentation [ci skip]rhe
2016-05-21openssl: add OpenSSL::PKey::EC#private? and #public?rhe
2016-05-21openssl: remove impossible EOFError raise in OpenSSL::Bufferingrhe
2016-05-21ipaddr: fix typo [ci skip]nobu
2016-05-21Restore documentation of ARGFnobu
2016-05-21methods.rdoc: closing tagnobu missing macro definitionnobu
2016-05-20fix build on no-fork-spawnv platformsnobu
2016-05-20io.c: conditionally used functionsnobu
2016-05-20ossl.c: suppress warningsnobu
2016-05-20* 2016-05-21svn
2016-05-20openssl: improve handling of password for encrypted PEMrhe
2016-05-20capa should be even number on 64-bit SPARC for 8-byte word alignmentngoto
2016-05-20thread_pthread.c: no fork, no gvl_atforknobu
2016-05-20fix typos [ci skip]kazu
2016-05-20Use RB_GNUC_EXTENSION_BLOCK instead of __extension__ngoto
2016-05-20win32ole.c: share the contentnobu
2016-05-20win32ole.c: remove dead codenobu
2016-05-20exclude non-VALUE in memo from GCnobu
2016-05-20openssl: don't test default session lifetime valuerhe
2016-05-19* 2016-05-20svn
2016-05-19fix a typosorah
2016-05-19fix document of Regexp#match?kazu
2016-05-19openssl: register ex_data index for X509_STORE{_CTX,} respectivelyrhe
2016-05-19* test/ruby/test_array.rb (TestArray#test_push_over_ary_max): it seems to takeusa
2016-05-19* properties.svn
2016-05-19openssl: check argument type in OpenSSL::X509::Attribute#value=rhe
2016-05-19assertions.rb: leave timeout to invoke_rubynobu
2016-05-19re.c: fix match?nobu
2016-05-19fix typonobu
2016-05-19re.c: match? should return nil if no matchnobu
2016-05-18* 2016-05-19svn
2016-05-18* re.c (reg_names_iter): specify capacifynaruse
2016-05-18fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2016-05-18* thread.c (recursive_list_access): a object id may be a Bignum. so,usa
2016-05-18re.c: fix typenobu
2016-05-18* re.c (rb_reg_match_m_p): Introduce Regexp#match?, which returnsnaruse
2016-05-18openssl: fix test failure due to the previous commitrhe
2016-05-18openssl: fix test failure of OpenSSL::TestEC#test_ec_point_mulrhe