AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-01-27cstr.c: nil iff terminated validlynobu
2015-01-26* .gitignore: ignored temporary file with git.hsbt
2015-01-26* misc/ruby-electric.el: Import version 2.2.2 fromknu check dtace -Gnobu -Wno-maybe-uninitializednobu
2015-01-26string.c: term fillnobu
2015-01-26string.c: use local variablesnobu
2015-01-26string.c: consider widecharnobu
2015-01-26string.c: terminate when embeddednobu
2015-01-26* 2015-01-26svn
2015-01-26cstr.c: cstr_term_char class methodnobu
2015-01-26cstr.c: get rid of exceptionnobu
2015-01-25fix typo [ci skip]kazu
2015-01-25array.c: reduce to_ary callnobu
2015-01-25test_array.rb split flatten testsnobu
2015-01-24* 2015-01-25svn
2015-01-24libffi: workaround of VC12 mlnobu
2015-01-24dln_find.c: define S_ISREGnobu
2015-01-24ruby.c: only for load-relativenobu
2015-01-24ruby.c: replace with real pathnobu
2015-01-24dln_find.c: regular files onlynobu
2015-01-24* 2015-01-24svn
2015-01-24dln_find.c: regular files onlynobu
2015-01-23vm_insnhelper.c: break from nested rescuenobu
2015-01-23marshal.c: indetity tablesnobu
2015-01-23* properties.svn
2015-01-23benchmark/bm_marshal_dump_flo.rb: new benchmark for [Bug #10761]normal
2015-01-23hash.c: move Hash specific functionsnobu
2015-01-23* 2015-01-23svn
2015-01-23vcs.rb: fix after_exportnobu
2015-01-22* ChangeLog: tabify.usa
2015-01-22* tool/redmine-backporter.rb (find_svn_log): use double quotes insteadusa
2015-01-22* properties.svn
2015-01-22fix flonum hashing regression from r45384normal
2015-01-22rmdirs.bat: remove last "."nobu
2015-01-22* 2015-01-22svn reorder cleannobu
2015-01-21Import ruby-electric.el 2.2.1.knu clean ext from toplevelnobu
2015-01-21extmk.rb: extract CLEANFILES and DISTCLEANFILESnobu
2015-01-21* file.c: Document other cases of missing birthtime on OS with patchzzak
2015-01-21#10714 is a feature.akr
2015-01-21* NEWS: References to tickets added.akr
2015-01-20* 2015-01-21svn
2015-01-20make-snapshot: remove unused filesnobu
2015-01-20make-snapshot: make revision.h by makenobu
2015-01-20vcs.rb: fix for local svnnobu
2015-01-20* tool/vcs.rb: fix the exception given remote-url of svn.hsbt
2015-01-20redmine-backporter.rb: garbage linesnobu
2015-01-20* tool/redmine-backporter.rb: fix bugs.usa