AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-05-29* signal.c (esignal_init): handle a non-integer argument correctly,mame
2008-05-29* test/ruby/test_regexp.rb: add tests.mame
2008-05-29* test/ruby/test_require.rb: add a test for load with wrap flag, tomame
2008-05-29Fix a typo.knu
2008-05-29Fix: nitem == count {|i| !i.nil?}knu
2008-05-29* test/ruby/test_argf.rb: new tests for ARGF, to achieve over 85% testmame
2008-05-29remove a compile error.mame
2008-05-29* io.c (argf_readchar): raise EOFError, synchronizing IO#readchar.mame
2008-05-29* io.c (argf_external_encoding, argf_internal_encoding): fix SEGV bymame
2008-05-29* ext/zlib/extconf.rb: search zlib1, and regard mswin32 later than VC6nobu
2008-05-28* array.c (rb_ary_nitems, Init_Array): Axe Array#nitems().knu
2008-05-28* ext/purelib.rb: get rid of recent feature. [ruby-dev:34864]nobu
2008-05-28* win32/mkexports.rb (Exports#objdump, Exports#each_line): extracted.nobu
2008-05-28* (MKPREP): appended $(RBCONFIG).nobu
2008-05-28 * win32/mkexports.rb (Exports::Mswin#each_export): speed up.usa
2008-05-28* array.c (rb_ary_slice_bang): Call rb_ary_modify_check() at theknu
2008-05-28* lib/webrick/httpservlet/cgihandler.rb (WEBrick::HTTPServlet::CGIHandler#do_...knu
2008-05-28 * enc/trans/japanese.c (to_SHIFT_JIS_EF_infos): typo.usa
2008-05-28* io.c (rb_getc): same as rb_read_check.nobu
2008-05-28* lib/singleton.rb (SingletonClassMethods): _load should be public.nobu
2008-05-28* enc/trans/japanese.c: add workarround for Unicode to CP932.naruse
2008-05-28* marshal.c (w_object, marshal_dump, r_object0, marshal_load): searchnobu
2008-05-27* numeric.c: "%" is required before PRI?VALUE.akr
2008-05-27* eval_error.c (error_handle): SystemExit and SignalException throwsnobu
2008-05-27* thread.c (rb_thread_execute_interrupts): delay interrupts duringnobu
2008-05-27* numeric.c (num_div): should raise ZeroDivisionError.matz
2008-05-27* numeric.c (num_fdiv): fallback to_f should always return floatmatz
2008-05-27* numeric.c (check_int): use PRIxVALUE format specifier.matz
2008-05-27* array.c (rb_ary_slice_bang): Return an empty array instead ofknu
2008-05-27* (MKPREP),, win32/Makefile.sub (prelude.c): getnobu
2008-05-27* ext/stringio/stringio.c (strio_each_char, Init_stringio): Addknu
2008-05-27* ext/stringio/stringio.c (strio_each_byte): Return self insteadknu
2008-05-27Remove entries about what have already been backported to 1.8.knu
2008-05-27* enum.c (enum_to_a): Pass arguments through to #each().knu
2008-05-27remove garbageknu
2008-05-27* io.c (Init_IO): Define ARGF.{lines,bytes,chars}.knu
2008-05-27 * file.c (BUFCHECK): wrong condition. [ruby-core:16921]usa
2008-05-26* file.c (BUFCHECK): no resize if enough room.nobu
2008-05-26* enumerator.c (struct enumerator, enumerator_init)knu
2008-05-26 * file.c (file_expand_path): add more space for '/'.usa
2008-05-26* util.c (ruby_strtod): clear errno at the top of our ownmatz
2008-05-26* misc/ruby-mode.el (ruby-mode): use run-hooks if run-mode-hook ismatz
2008-05-26 * file.c (ntfs_tail): filename which starts with '.' is valid.usa
2008-05-25* vm_dump.c (rb_vm_bugreport): rb_make_backtrace has no arguments.nobu
2008-05-25* test/ruby/envutil.rb (assert_normal_exit): signal descriptionakr
2008-05-25* hash.c (env_each_key, env_each_value, env_reject_bang)knu
2008-05-25* hash.c (env_each_value): Do not call env_values() twice.knu
2008-05-25* compile.c (iseq_compile): set local_table formame
2008-05-25* compile.c (iseq_build_body): remove side effect frommame