AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-01Re-try to add workaround for warningskazu
2018-09-01RSTRING_PTR may not be terminated in the futurenobu
2018-09-0110**3 is always 1000nobu
2018-09-01adjust indentnobu
2018-09-01surround macro block with do/whilenobu
2018-09-01[DOC] Add %Q and %+ to strptime [ci skip]kazu
2018-08-31Revert "Try to add workaround for warnings"kazu
2018-08-31Try to add workaround for warningskazu
2018-08-31* 2018-09-01svn
2018-08-31[DOC] leap seconds [ci skip]kazu
2018-08-31random.c: SecRandomCopyBytesnobu
2018-08-31test/lib/test/unit/assertions.rb: explicit delegation of keyword argumentsmame
2018-08-30* 2018-08-31svn
2018-08-30cont.c (rb_fiber_atfork): th->root_fiber may not existnormal
2018-08-30hrtime.h: fix typo in non-builtin overflow checknormal
2018-08-29* 2018-08-30svn
2018-08-29test/ruby/test_io.rb (test_select_leak): use handle_interruptnormal
2018-08-29cont.c: set th->root_fiber to current fiber at forknormal
2018-08-29* 2018-08-29svn
2018-08-29cont.c (rb_context_t): remove ensure_listnormal
2018-08-28Tag a couple specs failing on AIXeregon
2018-08-28Fixed installation failure with mswin environment.hsbt
2018-08-28Update to ruby/spec@6fd9472eregon
2018-08-28rest parameter optimization [Feature #15010]ko1
2018-08-28Fixed test failures in mswin environment at r64555.hsbt
2018-08-28thread_pthread.h: rename `gvl.acquired' to `gvl.owner' and documentnormal
2018-08-27thread_pthread.c: document sigwait_th and sigwait_fd [ci skip]normal
2018-08-27thread_pthread.c: fix deadlock on test_thread.rb::test_signal_at_joinnormal
2018-08-27Rewrite Etc.sysconf spec to allow nil or Integer for all variableseregon
2018-08-27process.c: fix potential missed wakeups in r64576normal
2018-08-27process.c: simplify SIGCHLD-based waitpidnormal
2018-08-27thread_pthread.c: avoid lock ping-pong in do_gvl_timer & ubf_selectnormal
2018-08-27* 2018-08-28svn
2018-08-27SC_TZNAME_MAX can also be infiniteeregon
2018-08-27* append newline at EOF.svn
2018-08-27Update to ruby/spec@007e908eregon
2018-08-27* append newline at EOF.svn
2018-08-27Update to ruby/spec@a89819deregon
2018-08-27Fix template/ if ENV["RUBYOPT"] is nileregon
2018-08-27Fix template/ when external and internal encodings are seteregon
2018-08-27* append newline at EOF.svn
2018-08-27Update to ruby/spec@09fa86ceregon
2018-08-27Simplify guards, the behavior seems Linux-specificeregon
2018-08-27* remove trailing spaces.svn
2018-08-27Merge master branch from rubygems upstream.hsbt
2018-08-27hrtime.h: add note explaining current use of uint64_t [ci skip]normal
2018-08-27hrtime.h: missing parennobu
2018-08-27hrtime.h: explicit casts to time_tnobu printf prifix for int64_tnobu
2018-08-27thread.c: check interrupts explicitly in select/ppoll blocking regionsnormal