AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2006-06-24add extconf.h to .cvsignore.akr
2006-06-23* ruby.h, lib/drb/drb.rb, lib/drb/invokemethod.rb: remove Values class.akr
2006-06-23* ChangeLog: fixed typo.nobu
2006-06-23* eval.c (rb_block_pass): removed.nobu
2006-06-23* 2006-06-23eban
2006-06-23* lib/net/http.rb (Net::HTTPResponse): duplicated error 501;matz
2006-06-22* variable.c (rb_mod_name): returns nil for anonymous modules.matz
2006-06-22* 2006-06-22eban
2006-06-22* string.c (rb_str_aref): "abc"[3] should not return an emptymatz
2006-06-21* ext/socket/socket.c (sock_s_socketpair): try GC only once.akr
2006-06-21fixed an issue about mathn.tadf
2006-06-21* ext/socket/getaddrinfo.c (freeaddrinfo, get_name): fixed typo.usa
2006-06-21* lib/pp.rb (PP::PPMethods::seplist): should have preservedmatz
2006-06-21* parse.y (block_param): do not use multiple assignment for a solematz
2006-06-21use fork to isolate rlimit effect.akr
2006-06-21* parse.y (method_call): remove (fn)(args) style lambdamatz
2006-06-20* eval.c, file.c, etc.: code-cleanup patch from Stefan Huehnermatz
2006-06-20* 2006-06-21eban
2006-06-20* parse.y (reswords): modifier token is no longer returned in fnamenobu
2006-06-20* ext/extmk.rb (parse_args): provisional catch-up for the recent changes.nobu
2006-06-20* eval.c (proc_invoke): intercept break and return from lambdamatz
2006-06-20* 2006-06-20eban
2006-06-19RDoc from Hugh Sasse [ruby-core:8012]drbrain
2006-06-19Mon Jun 19 23:40:59 2006 NARUSE, Yui <>naruse
2006-06-19* kconv.rb: remove default -m0 and fix document.naruse
2006-06-19* ext/nkf/nkf-utf8/nkf.c: imported nkf 2.0.7naruse
2006-06-19should not test when win32ole is not available.suke
2006-06-19* sample/test.rb (proc_return3): return within non lambda blockmatz
2006-06-19* ext/socket/socket.c (unix_sysaccept): typo fixed.matz
2006-06-19* ext/socket/socket.c (tcp_accept_nonblock): forgot to removematz
2006-06-18* 2006-06-19eban
2006-06-18* ext/tk/lib/multi-tk.rb: fix bug: initialize improper tablesnagai
2006-06-18* 2006-06-18usa
2006-06-18support PROPERTYPUTREF. [ruby-talk:183042]suke
2006-06-18Add Test::Unit::Assertions.drbrain
2006-06-17* eval.c (Init_eval): add aliases invoke_method andmatz
2006-06-17* lib/pathname.rb (Kernel#Pathname): new method.akr
2006-06-16* lib/pp.rb (Kernel#pretty_inspect): defined for pretty printedakr
2006-06-16* 2006-06-17eban
2006-06-16* parse.y (reswords): kDO_BLOCK was missing. fixed: [ruby-core:7995]nobu
2006-06-15* 2006-06-16eban
2006-06-15* eval.c (rb_proc_arity): get rid of segfault for mere splat.nobu
2006-06-15add RLIMIT_NOFILE testakr
2006-06-15give dummy argument for Process.getrlimit and rescue TypeError.akr
2006-06-15Define Process.getrlimit and Process.setrlimit even ifakr
2006-06-15new file.akr
2006-06-15* 2006-06-15eban
2006-06-15Documentation typo.drbrain
2006-06-14Don't merge ri files if is nil/emptydrbrain
2006-06-14Don't print warnings when -q is set.drbrain