AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-04-14* ext/tk/lib/tk/text.rb: typo. call a wrong method.nagai
2008-04-14Add notes about {Array,Enumerable}#{map,collect}, which still returnknu
2008-04-14* array.c (rb_ary_flatten, rb_ary_flatten_bang): Take an optionalknu
2008-04-14* ruby.h: New macro: RB_GC_GUARD().knu
2008-04-14* random.c (rb_genrand_int32, rb_genrand_real), intern.h: Export.knu
2008-04-14 * enum.c (inject_i, inject_op_i): prototype.usa
2008-04-14* enum.c New methods: Enumerable#take, #take_while, #drop andknu
2008-04-14* enum.c: New methods: Enumerable#one?, #none?, #minmax, #min_by,knu
2008-04-14* enum.c (enum_find, enum_reject): Return an enumerator if noknu
2008-04-14 * enum.c (find_index_i, find_index_iter_i): add prototype for VC.usa
2008-04-14* array.c (rb_ary_collect_bang, rb_ary_select): Return anknu
2008-04-14fix a typoknu
2008-04-14* ruby.h (rb_block_call_func): Fix prototype.knu
2008-04-14* enum.c (enum_count, enum_find_index): New methods:knu
2008-04-14 * enumerator.c (enumerator_mark, enumerator_iter_i, enumerator_each_i,usa
2008-04-14* string.c (rb_str_each_char): New methods: String#chars andknu
2008-04-14* string.c (rb_str_each_line, rb_str_each_byte): Reflectknu
2008-04-14* range.c (range_each, range_step): Return an enumerator if noknu
2008-04-14* string.c (rb_str_partition, rb_str_rpartition,knu
2008-04-13update NEWSkazu
2008-04-13should use K&R style function definitions. [ruby-dev:34354]kazu
2008-04-13* object.c (sym_to_proc): new method Symbol#to_proc; backported from 1.9. bug...kazu
2008-04-11* object.c (rb_obj_tap): new method Object#tap; backported from 1.9. bug#19008kazu
2008-04-11* process.c: new method Process.exec; backported from 1.9. bug#19006kazu
2008-04-11* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/tile.rb, ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/tile/style.rb, nagai
2008-04-11* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/tile.rb:nagai
2008-04-10* marshal.c (w_object): add volatile to avoid potential GC bug. amatz
2008-04-10Mention the ruby-debug project at RubyForge in README.knu
2008-04-10Oops, my mistake, rdebug.el was in 1.8.6.knu
2008-04-10* misc/rdebug.el, misc/README: Remove rdebug.el as per requestknu
2008-04-10* enum.c (enum_first, enum_group_by): New methods:knu
2008-04-10Sort entries.knu
2008-04-10* enumerator.c (rb_eStopIteration), eval.c (rb_f_loop), ruby.h:knu
2008-04-10* array.c (rb_ary_first, rb_ary_last): Return a shared array whenknu
2008-04-10* lib/resolv.rb (Resolv::DNS#each_address): backport from 1.9 forakr
2008-04-09 * enum.c (iterate_method): add prototype to avoid warning on VC++.usa
2008-04-09* ext/tk/tcltklib.c: SEGV when tcltk-stubs is enabled.nagai
2008-04-09Fix a typo.knu
2008-04-09* array.c (rb_ary_pop): Do not reallocate too often; backportedknu
2008-04-09Array#reject too.knu
2008-04-09* array.c (rb_ary_each, rb_ary_each_index, rb_ary_reverse_each,knu
2008-04-09* array.c (rb_ary_index, rb_ary_index): Array#index and #rindexknu
2008-04-09Add items about the enumerator module.knu
2008-04-09* enumerator.c, inits.c (rb_call_inits), ruby.h, intern.h,knu
2008-04-09* eval.c (rb_obj_method, rb_proc_call), intern.h: Export.knu
2008-04-08* eval.c (EXEC_TAG): remove unnecessary FLUSH_REGISTER_WINDOWS formatz
2008-04-08* re.c (rb_reg_quote): should always copy the quoting string.matz