AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-05thread.c (rb_wait_for_single_fd): no point initializing pollfd.reventsnormal
2018-11-05* 2018-11-06svn
2018-11-05Relax MJIT_BUILD_DIR restrictionnobu
2018-11-05* expand tabs.svn
2018-11-05use `RSTRUCT_CONST_PTR` carefully.ko1
2018-11-05Fix up r65505 [ci skip]kazu
2018-11-05Sort in alphabetical order [ci skip]kazu
2018-11-05Fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2018-11-05Respect explicitly given MJIT_CCnobu
2018-11-05Create MJIT header with strict permissionnobu
2018-11-05* expand tabs.svn
2018-11-05Implement `RubyVM::AST.of` [Feature #14836]yui-knk
2018-11-05More verbose message at unsafe headernobu
2018-11-04addr2line.c uses c99ismnaruse
2018-11-04Fix RubyGems extension build failure after r65470sorah
2018-11-04* 2018-11-05svn
2018-11-04Use symtab if there's no .dSYM filenaruse
2018-11-04Check MJIT_BUILD_DIR strictlynobu
2018-11-04MJIT_CC should not use CC_WRAPPERnobu
2018-11-04hash.c: [DOC] add docs for ENV.{filter,filter!}stomar
2018-11-04hash.c: [DOC] fix wrong cross-referencesstomar
2018-11-04hash.c: [DOC] add missing `block' in call-seq'sstomar
2018-11-04struct.c: [DOC] add docs for Struct#filterstomar
2018-11-04hash.c: [DOC] add docs for Hash#{filter,filter!}stomar
2018-11-04hash.c: [DOC] improve Hash#{select!,keep_if} docsstomar
2018-11-04array.c: [DOC] add docs for Array#{filter,filter!}stomar
2018-11-04array.c: [DOC] improve Array#{select,select!,keep_if} docsstomar
2018-11-04Hide Time::TM as Time::tmnobu
2018-11-04Refine Timezone class in test-specnobu
2018-11-04* properties.svn
2018-11-04Merge upstream changes from 2-0-stable branch of bundler/bundler.hsbt
2018-11-04complex.c: rb_dbl_complex_polar_pinobu use CC_WRAPPERnobu set CC_WRAPPER by checking messagenobu
2018-11-03* 2018-11-04svn
2018-11-03Just skip on armv7l-linuxnaruse
2018-11-03Merge rubygems-3.0.0.beta2.hsbt
2018-11-03Always inline rb_to_integer to prevent a method call penaltyk0kubun
2018-11-03expose `rb_ary_detransient`.ko1
2018-11-03lib/racc/parser.rb: use require for racc/cparsestomar
2018-11-03hash.c: fix typesnobu
2018-11-03internal.h: RHASH_ARRAY_SIZE_RAW value is unsignednobu
2018-11-03lib/cgi/util.rb: use requirenobu
2018-11-03wercker.yml: use pipeline name for notification [ci skip]k0kubun
2018-11-02Added bundler as default gems. Revisit [Feature #12733]hsbt --no-ri and --no-rdoc options were removedktsj
2018-11-02lib/matrix.rb: Make Matrix & Vector mutable. Add #[]=, #map!.marcandre
2018-11-02lib/*: Prefer require_relative over require, remove explicit extensionmarcandre
2018-11-02lib/*: Prefer require_relative over require.marcandre
2018-11-02lib/matrix: Use consistent stylemarcandre