AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-06-23* ext/pty: moved documents and samples to the appropriate places.nobu
2010-06-23* NEWS (ptr): new method and deprecated methods. [ruby-dev:41681]nobu
2010-06-23Clean warnings: unused variables.naruse
2010-06-23* test/ruby/test_regexp.rb (test_dup_warn): read in UTF-8nobu
2010-06-22* ChangeLog: a patch by Eric Wong at [ruby-core:30818].nobu
2010-06-22* (fchown): need to check. [ruby-core:30818]nobu
2010-06-22* io.c (argf_next_argv): check for setting owner/group.nobu
2010-06-22* time.c (num_exact): fix for mathn. [ruby-dev:41599]akr
2010-06-22* ext/socket/lib/socket.rb: suppress warnings.akr
2010-06-22* test/optparse/test_summary.rb: fixed superclass so that it runnobu
2010-06-22* parse.y (shadowing_lvar_gen): should add lvar to vars andnobu
2010-06-22* lib/fileutils.rb: Fix warningmarcandre
2010-06-22* io.c: rdoc fix for ARGF.lineno; cf. [ruby-core:29048]marcandre
2010-06-22* class.c: rdoc fix [ruby-core:30449]marcandre
2010-06-22* 2010-06-22svn
2010-06-22* lib/delegate.rb: Forward #trust, #untrust, #taint and #untaintmarcandre
2010-06-21* 2010-06-21svn
2010-06-21* eval_error.c (error_print): clear raised_flag while error-printingwanabe
2010-06-20* id.c (Init_id): add underscore name.nobu
2010-06-20* parse.y (warn_unused_var): use same format as shadowing localnobu
2010-06-20* parse.y (shadowing_lvar_gen): get rid of adding extra name fornobu
2010-06-19* lib/irb.rb: remove double exclamation marks. a patch from Diegomatz
2010-06-18* 2010-06-19svn
2010-06-18* ext/psych/lib/psych/visitors/to_ruby.rb (resolve_klass): fix thetenderlove
2010-06-18* gc.c (gc_lazy_sweep): clean a warning.naruse
2010-06-18* ruby.c: add prototype of rb_realpath_internal.naruse
2010-06-17* object.c: Object#public_methods, private_methods, etc. returnsmame
2010-06-17* 2010-06-18svn
2010-06-17* lib/webrick/httpservlet/filehandler.rbmame
2010-06-17* load.c (rb_load_internal): remove call to rb_realpath_internalmame
2010-06-17* file.c (rb_str_encode_ospath): when the encoding of the parameterusa
2010-06-17typo and spaceskazu
2010-06-17* 2010-06-17svn
2010-06-17Revert "* parse.y (warn_unused_var): warn unused variables."naruse
2010-06-16* parse.y: ripper needs warn_unused_var(), too.usa
2010-06-16* parse.y (warn_unused_var): warn unused variables.nobu
2010-06-16* test/ruby/test_{regexp,rubyoptions}.rb: trivial change.nobu
2010-06-16* error.c (rb_bug): existance of _set_abort_behavior() depends onusa
2010-06-15* ext/fiddle/extconf.rb: check ffi.h even when pkg-config succeeded.mame
2010-06-15* 2010-06-16svn
2010-06-15* test/ruby/test_io.rb (safe_4): does not use Timeout becausemame
2010-06-15* ext/fiddle/extconf.rb: De Morgan's laws.eban
2010-06-15Refix test_regexp.naruse
2010-06-15* ext/fiddle/extconf.rb: use pkg_config to find ffi.h.eban
2010-06-15Refix for test_dup_warn.naruse
2010-06-15* (clean-enc): fix typo.nobu
2010-06-14*, (clean-ext, clean-enc): clean up cleaningnobu
2010-06-14* test/socket/test_socket.rb (test_udp_server): rescue Errno::ENOSYSakr
2010-06-14fix a typo.seki
2010-06-14raise DRbConnError instead of ArgumentError if too many arguments.seki