AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-06-29* test/net/http/test_http.rb (_test_request__file): specify encodingmame
2008-06-29* encoding.c (rb_utf8_encindex): defined.naruse
2008-06-29* vm.c, vm_core.h,vm_core.h, vm_dump.c, iseq.c: rename class nameko1
2008-06-29* process.c (Init_process): fix to avoid a warning.ko1
2008-06-29* test/ruby/test_parse.rb: remove tests for open_args.mame
2008-06-29* string.c (rb_str_format_m): make tmp volatile to avoid possible GCakr
2008-06-29follow up the previous commit.kou
2008-06-29* lib/rss/parser.rb, lib/rss/utils.rb: merge documents from ruby_1_8.kou
2008-06-29* lib/rss/parser.rb (RSS::ListenerMixin#known_class): define tokou
2008-06-29* lib/rss/maker/base.rb (RSS::Maker::RSSBase#to_feed): raisekou
2008-06-29* lib/rss/maker/base.rb (RSS::Maker::RSSBase#make): require block.kou
2008-06-29* lib/rss/maker/base.rb, lib/rss/maker/itunes.rb: don't usekou
2008-06-29* lib/rss/rss.rb, test/rss/test_version.rb (RSS::VERSION): 0.2.4 -> 0.2.5.kou
2008-06-29* dir.rb: fix resource leak.mame
2008-06-29* lib/tmpdir.rb (@@systmpdir): prior LOCAL_APPDATA if possible, andnobu
2008-06-28* ext/win32ole/win32ole.c (date2time_str): fix the overflow insuke
2008-06-28fix typos.akr
2008-06-28fix test_status_kill for coredump message in Process::Status#inspect.akr
2008-06-28* include/ruby/ruby.h (struct RRegexp): new field usecnt. replaceakr
2008-06-28* include/ruby/intern.h (rb_str_new2, rb_tainted_str_new2,nobu
2008-06-28* include/ruby/intern.h (rb_str_new2, rb_tainted_str_new2,nobu
2008-06-28add a test for [ruby-dev:34958].akr
2008-06-28* test/rubygems/test_gem.rb (test_self_path_APPLE_GEM_HOME): don't useakr
2008-06-27* ext/win32ole/win32ole.c : check String encoding whensuke
2008-06-27* time.c: fix rounding negative float.akr
2008-06-27fix the last entry.akr
2008-06-27* gc.c: __size__ removed. use the length of __members__ instead.akr
2008-06-27* test/inlinetest.rb (InlineTest.in_progname): workaround for frozennobu
2008-06-27* parse.y (primary): empty not should call '!' on nil.matz
2008-06-27* lib/erb.rb: adjust line number for magic comment.kazu
2008-06-27* vm.c (vm_eval_body): if thrown exception is frozen, reraise it tonobu
2008-06-27* include/ruby/intern.h (rb_str_new2, rb_tainted_str_new2,nobu
2008-06-27* include/ruby/intern.h (rb_str_new2, rb_tainted_str_new2,nobu
2008-06-27* lib/un.rb (mkmf): new command to create makefile.nobu
2008-06-27* lib/un.rb (wait_writable): added help message.nobu
2008-06-26* need a ",".ko1
2008-06-26* vm_eval.c (vm_call_super): fix to call method_missing.ko1
2008-06-26* ruby.c (set_arg0, ruby_prog_init): freeze $0. a patch from Keitanobu
2008-06-26* string.c (rb_str_index_m, rb_str_rindex_m, rb_str_include): fixmame
2008-06-26ChangeLog: need address tweakmatz
2008-06-26* variable.c (rb_f_trace_var): should not be allowed at safe level 4. matz
2008-06-26Upgrade to RubyGems 1.2.0 r1824. Incorporates [ruby-core:17353].drbrain
2008-06-25* parse.y (primary): not operand might be empty. [ruby-dev:35227]matz
2008-06-25* parse.y (primary): make functional-style not operator to actmatz
2008-06-25* array.c (rb_ary_fill): not depend on unspecified behavior at integernobu