AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-11-25* lib/net/http.rb: Do not attempt SSL session resumption when thedrbrain
2014-11-25* properties.svn
2014-11-25* append newline at EOF.svn
2014-11-25* lib/rake: Update to rake 10.4.0drbrain
2014-11-25vcs.rb: make Time with proper offsetnobu remove old gemsnobu
2014-11-25add gem name [ci skip]kazu
2014-11-25process.c: initialize static IDs firstnobu
2014-11-25* 2014-11-25svn
2014-11-25compile.c (iseq_build_callinfo_from_hash): hoist outnormal
2014-11-24* gems/bundled_gems: Update to 3.0.7.kou
2014-11-24process.c: get rid of inadvertent ID pindownnobu
2014-11-24process.c: intern IDsnobu
2014-11-24marshal.c: literal method namesnobu
2014-11-23string.c: preserve encoding of global variablenobu
2014-11-23iseq.c: preserve encoding at disassemblingnobu
2014-11-23* 2014-11-24svn
2014-11-23io.c: preserve encodingsnobu
2014-11-23parse.y: replace with TOK_INTERNnobu
2014-11-23* gems/bundled_gems: upgraded to power_assert 0.2.2.ktsj
2014-11-23trivial packing of rb_execarg, load_file_arg, args_infonormal
2014-11-23ChangeLog: fix a typo [ci skip]normal
2014-11-23elementdecl.rb: suppress warningsnobu
2014-11-22test_variable.rb: suppress warningsnobu
2014-11-22* 2014-11-23svn
2014-11-22io.c: remove redundant assignmentnobu
2014-11-22dummyparser.rb: on_rescuenobu keep verconf.h if unchangednobu
2014-11-22* tool/make-snapshot: Specify PWD macro for make.akr
2014-11-21* lib/resolv.rb: fall back if canonicalization fails.tenderlove
2014-11-21get rid of inadvertent ID creationnobu
2014-11-21* 2014-11-22svn use PWD with nmakenobu
2014-11-21* (ext/ripper/ripper.c): revert about srcdir and top_srcdir.naruse
2014-11-21fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2014-11-21* tool/update-deps: Refactored.akr
2014-11-21* win32/Makefile.sub (top_srcdir): added because lacking this macro causesusa
2014-11-21Update dependency.akr
2014-11-21Forgot to commit.akr
2014-11-21* tool/update-deps (in_makefile): Use FILES_NEED_VPATH andakr fix dependenciesnobu
2014-11-20* (ext/ripper/ripper.c): id.h in VPATH may exist in the buildnaruse
2014-11-20* ext/openssl/lib/openssl/x509.rbusa
2014-11-20* ChangeLog: missed at r48518.usa
2014-11-20* ChangeLog: missed at r48516.usa
2014-11-20* lib/net/imap.rb (Net::IMAP::ResponseParser::BEG_REGEXP): no need to use embbedusa
2014-11-20* 2014-11-21svn
2014-11-20* lib/uri/mailto.rb (URI::MailTo::EMAIL_REGEXP): should escape `#`.usa
2014-11-20Fix a variable name.akr
2014-11-20* tool/update-deps: Insert all dependencies found by compiler.akr