AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-01-16* ext/socket/socket.c: move addrinfo code.akr
2009-01-16 * win32/Makefile.sub (up): tell nmake that need to run command viausa
2009-01-16* tool/make-snapshot (package): includes all rules and expandnobu
2009-01-16* include/ruby/ruby.h (VALUE): use unsigned long or long longnobu
2009-01-16* include/ruby/ruby.h (VALUE): use unsigned long or long longnobu
2009-01-16* (Makefile): set VCS and VCSUP to support `git svn'nobu
2009-01-16* (Makefile): set VCS and VCSUP.nobu
2009-01-16Commit miss at r21521, poited out by Yugui.duerst
2009-01-16* thread.c (thread_start_func_2): call ruby_cleanup() if thread isko1
2009-01-16 * win32/Makefile.sub ($(INSNS),,,usa
2009-01-16 * include/ruby/ruby.h (PRI_PTRDIFF_PREFIX): must define as string.usa
2009-01-16* symbian/pre-build (COMSPEC): should not overridden.nobu
2009-01-16* parse.y (rb_parse_in_main): fixed typo.nobu
2009-01-16* (RUBY_REPLACE_TYPE): does not define rb_ prefixednobu
2009-01-15* thread.c (rb_thread_execute_interrupts): if signal is alreadymame
2009-01-15sorry, revert a mistakekazu
2009-01-15fix typos and cleanup some spaceskazu
2009-01-15* ext/socket/socket.c (addrinfo_s_ip): new method AddrInfo.ip.akr
2009-01-15* thread.c (call_trace_proc): as Matz said ([ruby-core:21183]),ko1
2009-01-15* ruby.c (process_options): decrement parse_in_eval to recognizeko1
2009-01-15* lib/debug.rb: as wanabe-san pointed out,ko1
2009-01-15* vm.c (rb_vm_inc_const_missing_count, ruby_vm_const_missing_count):ko1
2009-01-15* btest-ruby should receive option with OPTS.ko1
2009-01-15 * win32/Makefile.sub ($(INSNS),,,usa
2009-01-15* gc.c (gc_with_gvl): suppress warnings.ko1
2009-01-15Add rdoc.naruse
2009-01-15rdoc update.akr
2009-01-15* tool/file2lastrev.rb: RUBY_REVISION must be an integer.akr
2009-01-15* encoding.c (enc_set_default_encoding): should not treat US-ASCIImatz
2009-01-15* parse.y (command): moved return/break/next from command_call formatz
2009-01-15* LEGAL: Added information for missing/langinfo.cduerst
2009-01-15* parse.y (stmt): explicit error for "Object::Far += foo 1" justmatz
2009-01-15* encoding.c (rb_locale_charmap): fixed typo.nobu
2009-01-15 * win32/Makefile.sub (COMPILERFLAG): for enc/trans/gb18030.c.usa
2009-01-15*, win32/Makefile.sub (MISSING): added langinfo on mingwnobu
2009-01-15 * win32/Makefile.sub ($(INSNS),,,usa
2009-01-15 * io.c (pipe_open): revert a part of previous commit. it may be ausa
2009-01-15* symbian/README.SYMBIAN: symbian support added. great appreciatematz
2009-01-15* symbian/README.SYMBIAN: symbian support added. great appreciatematz
2009-01-14* enc/trans/gb18030.trans: get rid of a 1.9 feature for crossnobu
2009-01-14* encoding.c (rb_locale_charmap): fallback to codepage if nonobu
2009-01-14* gc.c (negative_size_allocation_error_with_gvl): abolish a warning.akr
2009-01-14* enc/trans/gb18030.trans, gb18030-tbl.rb:duerst
2009-01-14* ext/curses/extconf.rb: check ncursesw earlier than ncurses tomatz
2009-01-14* cont.c: fix prototype declare of register_stack_extendtakano32
2009-01-14* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_aspawn): should not escape with carretnobu
2009-01-14* ext/socket/extconf.rb (gai_strerror): checks if available and ifnobu
2009-01-14* io.c (rb_io_wait_readable, rb_io_wait_writable): need rb_fd_ptr.nobu
2009-01-14* io.c (appendline): reformed.nobu
2009-01-14* io.c (rb_io_s_pipe): reduced nest of rb_ensure of main block.nobu