AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-02-25* ext/dl: revert dl with libffi because it can't run on mswin now.naruse
2010-02-25* 2010-02-26svn
2010-02-25rdoc update.akr
2010-02-25* pack.c: consider DYNAMIC_ENDIAN. refactored.akr
2010-02-25* rational.c (nurat_expt): use Float#** when Rational ** Float.naruse
2010-02-24* insns.def: Change the operand type of setinlinecacheko1
2010-02-24remove a empty line.akr
2010-02-24fix assertion message.akr
2010-02-24remove a empty line.akr
2010-02-24* pack.c (swap64): don't redefine.akr
2010-02-24* 2010-02-25svn
2010-02-24* pack.c (pack_unpack): don't use OFF32 for gcc 4.5.akr
2010-02-24* gc.c (gc_mark_children): lost comment added.matz
2010-02-24* marshal.c (r_object0): should prepare placeholder beforematz
2010-02-24* lib/resolv.rb: fix [ruby-core:28320] reported by Paul Clegg.akr
2010-02-24Remove obsolete files in lib/rubygems/indexerdrbrain
2010-02-24* dln.c (translit_separator): moved back from load.c again.nobu
2010-02-24* dln_find.c: split from dln.c.nobu
2010-02-24* ext/digest/extconf.rb: use OpenSSL only when all transformnobu
2010-02-23Add some more tests, revisited.knu
2010-02-23Back out the series of changes pending a due discussion.knu
2010-02-23Add some more tests.knu
2010-02-23* ext/openssl/lib/openssl/digest.rb (OpenSSL::Digest::hexdigest):knu
2010-02-23* ext/openssl/ossl_hmac.c (Init_ossl_hmac): Make OpenSSL::HMAC aknu
2010-02-23* ext/openssl/ossl_digest.c (GetDigestPtr): Allow to pass theknu
2010-02-23* 2010-02-24svn
2010-02-23* string.c (str_new_empty): String#split, partition, rpartitionmame
2010-02-23rdoc update.akr
2010-02-23call unix_server.close only if unix_server is not nil.akr
2010-02-22* 2010-02-23svn
2010-02-22fix a typo.akr
2010-02-22* ext/digest/sha2/sha2init.c: test OpenSSL more strictly.akr
2010-02-22don't use infinite loop.akr
2010-02-22* lib/rubygems: update to 1.3.6.nobu
2010-02-22* doc/rubygems/ChangeLog: deleted garbage lines.nobu
2010-02-22* ext/digest/sha2: Use OpenSSL's SHA1 engine if available.nobu
2010-02-21* 2010-02-22svn
2010-02-21add timeout for test_should_propagate_signaled.akr
2010-02-21* lib/mkmf.rb (create_makefile, install_files): honor srcprefixnobu
2010-02-21* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb: outdated. [ruby-core:28275]nobu
2010-02-20* symbian/setup (config.h): HAVE_STRUCT_TIMEZONE, VOID_UNSETENV, and RUBY_LIB...azav
2010-02-20 * symbian/setup (config.h): HAVE_STRUCT_TIMEZONE, VOID_UNSETENV, and RUBY_LI...azav
2010-02-20* 2010-02-21svn
2010-02-20* vm.c (vm_backtrace_each): use called_id when method definitionmatz
2010-02-20* 2010-02-20svn
2010-02-19rdoc update.akr
2010-02-19* (config.status): ommit cached results.nobu
2010-02-19Use only object_id to test living threads.naruse
2010-02-18* 2010-02-19svn