AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2002-03-18* ext/digest: add depend file.nobu
2002-03-18* eval.c (rb_f_abort): should not bypass cleanup.nobu
2002-03-18* ext/iconv/extconf.rb: workaround for GNU libiconv.eban
2002-03-18* parse.y (parse_string): part of multi-byte sequence must notnobu
2002-03-18* enum.c (enum_find): catch a value before recycle.nobu
2002-03-18* enum.c (enum_inject): use the first iterated element as thenobu
2002-03-17added depend files in ext/iconv and ext/stringio.nobu
2002-03-17* ext/stringio/depend: added.nobu
2002-03-17* ext/iconv/depend: added.nobu
2002-03-16* missing/fileblocks.c: add for autoconf.eban
2002-03-15* win32/win32.c (StartSockets): remove duplicated lines.nobu
2002-03-15* bignum.c, intern.h (rb_ull2big, rb_ll2big, rb_ull2inum, rb_ll2inum,usa
2002-03-15* ext/iconv/iconv.c: fixed document, Iconv#new is no longer annobu
2002-03-14* ext/iconv: imported.nobu
2002-03-14Initial revisionnobu
2002-03-14* autoconf 2.53 support. use AC_LIBOBJ.eban
2002-03-14* re.c (rb_reg_match): should clear $~ if operand is nil.matz
2002-03-14* ext/stringio/stringio.c: fixed frozen string bug. ungetc nonobu
2002-03-14* string.c (rb_str_subpat_set): must make str independent afternobu
2002-03-13* dir.c (rb_push_glob): avoid SEGV when no block given.nobu
2002-03-13* dir.c: FNM_PERIOD is obsoleted and FNM_DOTMATCH is introducedknu
2002-03-13* lib/getopts.rb: single_options can be nil[*], and is not notknu
2002-03-12* regex.c (re_compile_pattern): '\0111' should be '\011' plus '1',matz
2002-03-12* lib/resolv.rb: don't complete domains for absolute FQNs.akr
2002-03-11Remove the entries that have already been merged into the stableknu
2002-03-11tsort description modifed.akr
2002-03-11tsort library added.akr
2002-03-11* lib/tsort.rb: new file.akr
2002-03-11Initial revisionnobu
2002-03-11* marshal.c (w_object): module inclusion using extend() shouldmatz
2002-03-08* ext/socket/extconf.rb (have_struct_member): don't print checkedakr
2002-03-08* eval.c (cvar_cbase): utility function to find innermost nonmatz
2002-03-08* lib/resolv.rb: use its own thread group for background threads.akr
2002-03-07* gc.c (rb_source_filename): added. holds unique strings for filenobu
2002-03-06* dln.c (dln_load): use LoadLibrary instead of LoadLibraryEx.eban
2002-03-04- Slightly fix one of the last entries. (stdin -> stdin or stdout)knu
2002-03-04* lib/getopts.rb: Rewrite to fix some bugs and complete features.knu
2002-03-04* ext/ (dir_config): Sync with mkmf.rb: Fix a bug whereknu
2002-03-04Make cvs ignore mkmf.log.knu
2002-03-03fix method name.akr