AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2003-05-04* lib/net/smtp.rb: ESMTP -> SMTP transition wrongly fails.aamine
2003-05-04* lib/net/pop.rb: APOP did not work. [ruby-dev:20149]aamine
2003-05-03secure check when safe level 4.suke
2003-05-02* class.c (rb_class_protected_instance_methods): now givesmatz
2003-05-02* lib/net/protocol.rb: reintroduce Protocol.protocol_param.aamine
2003-05-02* lib/net/protocol.rb: remove Protocol class.aamine
2003-05-02* compar.c (cmp_gt): raises ArgumentError when "<=>" give nil.matz
2003-05-02* lib/cgi/session.rb (CGI::Session::initialize): updated tomatz
2003-05-02* class.c (method_list): classify methods based on nearestmatz
2003-05-02* string.c (rb_str_ljust): now takes optional argument to specifymatz
2003-05-02* lib/fileutils.rb: use hashes to pass options.aamine
2003-05-01* regex.c (re_match_exec): $ _always_ matches at the end of string.matz
2003-04-30* net/imap.rb: support THREAD extension.shugo
2003-04-27* string.c (rb_str_to_i): disallow negative radix.nobu
2003-04-26* parse.y (open_args): warning message changed to "don't put spacematz
2003-04-26* wince/ : files removed.uema2
2003-04-25* gc.c: STACK_LEVEL_MAX=65535 on mswince.uema2
2003-04-25* io.c (argf_read): read should not span two files. [ruby-dev:20073]matz
2003-04-25* eval.c (splat_value): split splat_value() and avalue_splat().matz
2003-04-25* eval.c (proc_invoke): Proc#yield should pass through retry andmatz
2003-04-25Patch from Michal Rokos for sprintf format strings applied.shigek
2003-04-25Removed lib & sample dir.shigek
2003-04-24Matrix used range.size, which no longer existsdave
2003-04-24Re-expose as .new! (Kernel#Complex needs to call _something_ :)dave
2003-04-24Fix method name typo in Matrix.row_vectordave
2003-04-24BigDecimal dir. rearrangement according to the suggestions from Minero Aoki.shigek
2003-04-24Dir. rearrangement according to the suggestions from Minero Aoki.shigek
2003-04-24More explanations for sincos.shigek
2003-04-24Prec. improvement for PI.shigek
2003-04-24* ext/extmk.rb: add -Wl,--no-undefined to LDSHARED onlyeban
2003-04-24* lib/ipaddr.rb (include?): Support non-IPAddr parameters by Dave Thomas. [r...nobu
2003-04-23* lib/cgi.rb (CGI::QueryExtension::[]): always return Valuematz
2003-04-22* ext/zlib/extconf.rb: bccwin32 is win32 too.nobu
2003-04-22fix ERB::DefMethod bugseki
2003-04-22* ruby.c: don't call VirtualQuery in ruby_init_loadpath()uema2
2003-04-22* marshal.c (save_mantissa, load_mantissa): for interoperabilitynobu
2003-04-22* parse.y (arg_ambiguous): hopefully better message.matz
2003-04-21* lib/resolv.rb (Resolv::DNS::Resource#hash): use XOR to accumulateakr
2003-04-21* marshal.c: one more digit for decimal point. [ruby-talk:69808]nobu
2003-04-21* numeric.c (flo_is_finite_p): use finite() if available.nobu
2003-04-21* bignum.c (rb_cstr_to_inum): unnecessarily long buffer was usednobu
2003-04-21* parse.y (block_append, value_expr0, assign_in_cond,nobu
2003-04-21* gc.c (rb_gc): use rb_gc_mark_maybe() to mark registered Cmatz
2003-04-20* sample/test.rb: avoid the MSVCRT *printf problem(float).eban
2003-04-20* marshal.c (w_float): append least mantissa bits to get ridnobu