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2011-10-27* ext/sdbm/_sdbm.c (sdbm_prep): set FD_CLOEXEC flags for fileakr
2011-10-27* vm_insnhelper.c (vm_call_cfunc): adding back useless hack. For sometenderlove
2011-10-27* 2011-10-28svn
2011-10-27* ext/sdbm/_sdbm.c (sdbm_prep): refactored for less nesting.akr
2011-10-27* (RUBY_DEFINE_IF): revert r33534 partially to getnobu
2011-10-27* bignum.c (rb_big_divide): raise ZeroDivisionError if divisor isnobu
2011-10-27* test/ruby/test_bignum.rb: ensure constants to be Bignum.nobu
2011-10-27* (RUBY_FUNC_ATTRIBUTE): unset temporary variable.nobu
2011-10-27* (RUBY_STACK_GROW_DIRECTION): substitute CPU name asnobu
2011-10-27* include/ruby/ruby.h (SIZE_MAX): define SIZE_MAX if not defined.naruse
2011-10-26* ext/psych/parser.c: remove unused variable.emboss
2011-10-26* 2011-10-27svn
2011-10-26* ext/openssl/extconf.rb: add -Wall flag by default when compiler isemboss
2011-10-26* 2011-10-26svn
2011-10-26* file.c (rb_file_join): honor input encodings than ASCII-8BIT.nobu
2011-10-25* include/ruby/defines.h: use "__sparc" instead of "sparc" andakr
2011-10-24* 2011-10-25svn
2011-10-24* re.c (match_aref): Use <code> around indexing examples to preventdrbrain
2011-10-24* complex.c: use "__sun" instead of "__sun__" to detect SunOS.akr
2011-10-24* io.c: use "__sun" instead of "sun" to detect SunOS.akr
2011-10-24* ext/pty/pty.c (get_device_once): delay rb_fd_set_cloexec() untilakr
2011-10-24update doc.akr
2011-10-24Follow the error format changed by FreeBSD 9.naruse
2011-10-23* 2011-10-24svn
2011-10-23* io.c (copy_stream_fallback_body): check nil for EOF of read method.akr
2011-10-23* ext/tk/MANUAL_tcltklib.eng: fix typo.ktsj
2011-10-23* numeric.c (rb_infinity, rb_nan): aggregated member initializersnobu
2011-10-23* ext/io/wait/wait.c: ioctl(2) is declared in unistd.h on Solaris.ngoto
2011-10-23* ext/tk/MANUAL_tcltklib.eng: fix typo. [ruby-dev:44683] [Bug #5471]ayumin
2011-10-22* 2011-10-23svn
2011-10-22* io.c (rb_fd_set_cloexec): set close-on-exec flag only if F_GETFD isakr
2011-10-22* test/openssl/test_ssl.rb (test_multibyte_read_write): start serverakr
2011-10-22* include/ruby/intern.h (rb_fd_set_cloexec): declared.akr
2011-10-22describe Resolv::DNS#timeouts= and Resolv::DNS::Config#timeouts=.akr
2011-10-22* lib/resolv.rb: fix a exception name in previous patch.akr
2011-10-22* lib/resolv.rb: make timeout configurable for DNS query.akr
2011-10-21* 2011-10-22svn
2011-10-21* numeric.c (rb_infinity, rb_nan): use union to prevent bus errorngoto
2011-10-21* gc.c (initial_params): pack in a struct.nobu
2011-10-21* gc.c (rb_gc_set_params): set parameters always.nobu
2011-10-21* atomic.h: change Solaris checking macro because atomic_ops can workngoto
2011-10-20* 2011-10-21svn
2011-10-20* ext/openssl/ossl_ns_spki.c: Complete documentation.emboss
2011-10-20* win32/win32.c (socklist_insert, socklist_lookup, socklist_delete):usa
2011-10-20* ext/openssl/ossl_pkcs5.c: add note on timing attacks and generalemboss
2011-10-20* ChangeLog: forgot [Bug #5464] [ruby-dev:44632] for the previous commitngoto
2011-10-20* vm_eval.c (check_funcall): set array elements one-by-one to fixngoto
2011-10-20* include/ruby/defines.h (flush_register_windows): use softwarenobu
2011-10-20* property.nobu
2011-10-20* test/openssl/test_pkcs5.rb: add RFC 6070 tests for PBKDF2 withemboss