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2007-08-24* test/ruby/test_dir.rb (TestDir::setup): ?c now makes a string.matz
2007-08-24* eval.c (rb_f_send_bang): abandon the name funcall for privatematz
2007-08-23* compile.c: optimize simple massign.ko1
2007-08-23* ext/win32ole/win32ole.c (reg_get_value): use RegQueryValueEx insteadsuke
2007-08-23* (group_member): check if presents.nobu
2007-08-23* compile.c (compile_massign), (vm_throw): not use C99nobu
2007-08-23* enumerator.c (sym_call): initialize first.nobu
2007-08-23* cont.c (rb_cont_call, fiber_switch, rb_fiber_resume, rb_fiber_yield):nobu
2007-08-23* compile.c, insns.def, parse.y: fix massign order. This changeko1
2007-08-23* parse.y (f_norm_arg): ripper has no shadowing check.nobu
2007-08-23* compile.c (make_masgn_lhs, iseq_compile_each): fixed indent.nobu
2007-08-23* parse.y (f_norm_arg): check also nested arguments. [ruby-dev:31502]nobu
2007-08-22* util.c: updated for ANSI C only. applied a patch frommatz
2007-08-22* missing/strtod.c: removed. [ruby-dev:31588]matz
2007-08-22test for [ruby-dev:31592].akr
2007-08-22* bootstraptest/test_knownbug.rb:ko1
2007-08-22* bootstraptest/test_knwonbug.rb: added. This file will containko1
2007-08-22* bootstraptest/runner.rb (in_temporary_working_directory):akr
2007-08-22add test for [ruby-dev:31522].akr
2007-08-21* util.c (ruby_strtod): replaced by the implementation by Davidmatz
2007-08-21* cont.c: add Fiber#resume and Fiber.yield.ko1
2007-08-21* lib/tmpdir.rb (Dir.mktmpdir): make directory suffix specifiable.akr
2007-08-21* st.c (st_clear): reset num_entries too.nobu
2007-08-21* hash.c (st_foreach_func, rb_foreach_func): typedefed.nobu
2007-08-21* st.c (rehash): suppress warnings.nobu
2007-08-21* hash.c (rb_hash_clear): use st_clear() unless iterating.nobu
2007-08-21* st.c (struct st_table_entry): add new members, fore and back, tonobu
2007-08-20* benchmark/bm_vm2_case.rb: add a new benchmark.ko1
2007-08-20* test/ruby/test_enumerator.rb: fix last commit.ko1
2007-08-20* test_enumerator.rb (enum_test): fix to return sortedko1
2007-08-20* enumerator.c (next_i): fix to return with Fiber#yield atko1
2007-08-20* io.c (rb_io_s_foreach): argument count check before makingmatz
2007-08-20* dir.c (dir_foreach): return Enumerator if no block given.matz
2007-08-20* string.c (Init_String): remove Symbol.intern and Symbol#dump.matz
2007-08-20* vm_core.h (struct rb_thread_struct): removed first_func_arg andnobu
2007-08-19Sentence.expand_syntax refined.akr
2007-08-19* gc.c: use VALGRIND_MAKE_MEM_UNDEFINED to detect use of collectedakr
2007-08-19* compile.c (iseq_compile_each/NODE_RESBODY): fix to addko1
2007-08-19* (vm_call_bmethod): fix to propagate informationko1
2007-08-19* test/ruby/sentence.rb: new method Sentence().akr
2007-08-19* (vm_callee_setup_arg): fix to mark enough VM stack.ko1
2007-08-18sentence.rb documented.akr
2007-08-18* test/ruby/test_yield.rb (TestYieldGen): relax array size checkakr
2007-08-18* ext/tk/tcltklib.c (Init_tcltklib): use rb_set_end_proc().nobu
2007-08-18* thread.c (is_ruby_native_thread): check properly. [ruby-dev:31166]nobu
2007-08-18* (vm_call_bmethod),ko1
2007-08-18* (ruby_error_print): call error_print.nobu
2007-08-18* process.c (detach_process_watcher): should not pass the pointernobu
2007-08-18* (vm_send_optimize): use MEMMOVE to shift values insidenobu
2007-08-18* (vm_yield_setup_args): rsize and psize should not benobu