AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-04-30* ext/digest/*/extconf.rb: use pkg_config to use same library withnobu
2012-04-30Bug #6370nobu
2012-04-30* 2012-05-01svn
2012-04-30* (optflags): disable unsafe optimizations.nobu
2012-04-30add an assertion.akr
2012-04-30* lib/fileutils.rb (copy_metadata): use File.lchown and File.lchmod toakr
2012-04-30* test/ruby/test_continuation.rb (tracing_with_set_trace_func): don'tnagachika
2012-04-30* (optflags): disable unsafe optimizations.nobu
2012-04-30* ext/zlib/extconf.rb: detect z_crc_t type which will be definedakr
2012-04-30* test/net/http/test_https.rb: update test for r35494ayumin
2012-04-30* ext/openssl/lib/openssl/ssl.rb: add hostname to "hostname does notayumin
2012-04-29* 2012-04-30svn
2012-04-29* ext/psych/lib/psych/json/yaml_events.rb: implicit styles should nottenderlove
2012-04-28add a test for yaml ast roundtrippingtenderlove
2012-04-28* 2012-04-29svn
2012-04-28* parse.y (assoc, parser_yylex): add syntax to splat keyword hash.nobu
2012-04-28* ext/-test-/win32/dln/extconf.rb: remove test DLL.nobu
2012-04-28* 2012-04-28svn
2012-04-28* vm_core.h (rb_thread_t#yielding): add a field.ko1
2012-04-27* ext/dl/cfunc.c (rb_dlcfunc_call): should convert a Bignum value tousa
2012-04-27* test/readline/test_readline.rb (setup): avoid affected by user'snobu
2012-04-27test/readline/test_readline.rb: suppress bellnobu
2012-04-26* thread.c (rb_threadptr_execute_interrupts_common):naruse
2012-04-26* ext/socket/socket.c (sock_s_pack_sockaddr_un): support the longestakr
2012-04-26* 2012-04-27svn
2012-04-26fix typoskazu
2012-04-26add a comment.akr
2012-04-26suppress a warning.akr
2012-04-26* ext/socket/raddrinfo.c (init_unix_addrinfo): support the longestakr
2012-04-25* test/optparse/test_summary.rb (test_summary_containing_space): addnagachika
2012-04-25* 2012-04-26svn
2012-04-25* ChangeLog: fix a typo.nagachika
2012-04-25* ext/socket/raddrinfo.c (init_unix_addrinfo): refine error messageakr
2012-04-24* 2012-04-25svn
2012-04-24* lib/optparse.rb (OptionParser#to_a): split for each lines.nobu
2012-04-24update doc.akr
2012-04-24* ext/socket/raddrinfo.c (init_unix_addrinfo): show actual path lengthakr
2012-04-24* lib/net/smtp.rb (check_continue): raise an error with an explanatorymame
2012-04-24* lib/optparse.rb (OptionParser#to_a): should split by end-of-line,naruse
2012-04-24Cent OS 5.6 wakes up in 4.989596sec from sleep(5).naruse
2012-04-24* enc/euc_jp.c: added EUC-JP-2004 and its alias EUC-JISX0213.usa
2012-04-24* compile.c: fix to output warning when the same literalsko1
2012-04-24* win32/win32.c (waitpid): need to check the return value ofusa
2012-04-24* parse.y (parser_yylex): EXPR_BEG by keywords is a start point ofnobu
2012-04-24* lib/optparse.rb (OptionParser#to_a): should split by end-of-linenobu
2012-04-24* lib/optparse.rb (OptionParser#to_a): String#to_a is no longernobu
2012-04-24* hash.c, object.c, struct.c, lib/ostruct.rb: add to_h methods.nobu
2012-04-24* test/drb/drbtest.rb ({DRbCore,DRbAry}#teardown}: cannot pass SIGTERMusa
2012-04-24fix condition to set yaml enginenobu
2012-04-23* thread.c (rb_check_deadlock): refine an error message of deadlockmame