AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-11-21fix r52690naruse
2015-11-21* ext/digest/sha1/extconf.rb: OpenSSL's struct name for SHA1 isnaruse
2015-11-21* ext/digest/*/*.[ch]: include ruby.h before digest.h to avoidnaruse
2015-11-21* ext/openssl/ossl.h: LibreSSL doesn't have and need e_os2.h.naruse
2015-11-21add to NEWS about Queue#closeko1
2015-11-21* thread_sync.c: reduce the specification of Queue#close.ko1
2015-11-21Visual C++ 14 (2015) uses ucrtbase.dll as c runtimenaruse
2015-11-20read may return nilnaruse
2015-11-20* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): add debug information to NODE_STRko1
2015-11-20* 2015-11-21svn
2015-11-20symbol.c: not freeze the receivernobu
2015-11-20* lib/logger.rb: expose logger mutexsonots
2015-11-20* Added missing reference of GitHubhsbt
2015-11-20* lib/net/http.rb: Fixed regression for Net::HTTP::PUT with "Expect-100"hsbt
2015-11-20* lib/net/http.rb: set hostname before call ossl_ssl_set_session.hsbt
2015-11-20enc-unicode.rb: --headernobu
2015-11-20* array.c: clarify docs for take_while/drop_while samples.hsbt
2015-11-20* ext/socket/socket.c: remove mention of :UNIX in getaddrinfo().hsbt
2015-11-20* lib/rss/syndication.rb: Add nodoc marker for #validate_sy_updatePeriod.hsbt
2015-11-20* vm.c (rb_vm_cref_replace_with_duplicated_cref): added.ko1
2015-11-19* properties.svn
2015-11-19* 2015-11-20svn
2015-11-19add .gitattributesnormal
2015-11-19* ext/socket/ancdata.c: Check buffer full and ignore MSG_TRUNC flag.akr
2015-11-19* gc.c (gc_start): force to invoke GC by GC.startko1
2015-11-19* gc.c: trivial performance improvements.ko1
2015-11-19ruby.c: fix ARGV doc [ci skip]nobu
2015-11-19ruby.c: feature_optionnobu
2015-11-19* signal.c: should also clear ruby_disable_gc.ko1
2015-11-19* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): T_IMEMO/iseq objects should beko1
2015-11-19* lib/rubygems: Update to RubyGems 2.5.0+ HEAD(c6b4946).hsbt
2015-11-19ruby.c: set compile options at oncenobu
2015-11-19* win32/win32.c (finish_overlapped_socket): return value of thisusa
2015-11-19compile.c: tailcall before specializenobu
2015-11-19* win32/win32.c (finish_overlapped_socket): ignore EMSGSIZE when input,usa
2015-11-18gc.c: use BUILTIN_TYPEnobu
2015-11-18fix typonobu
2015-11-18* ext/socket/ancdata.c (bsock_recvmsg_internal): stretch the buffer sizeusa
2015-11-18* test/socket/test_socket.rb (test_udp_recvmsg_truncation): rflags isakr
2015-11-18* add -static-libgcc for mingw automatically if available.usa
2015-11-18* 2015-11-19svn
2015-11-18* ext/extmk.rb (--extflags): new option to pass EXTLDFLAGS to children,usa
2015-11-18* vm_method.c (rb_class_clear_method_cache): should clear allko1
2015-11-18add tests.akr
2015-11-18* vm_method.c (prepare_callable_method_entry): useko1
2015-11-18* method.h: introduce the folliwing field and macros.ko1
2015-11-18* gc.c (rb_raw_obj_info): fix trivial issues.ko1
2015-11-18comment for r52633 [ci skip]nobu
2015-11-18compile.c: optimize useless branchesnobu
2015-11-18compile.c: check type before checking insn_idnobu