AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-01-10rdoc update.akr
2009-01-10* ext/socket/mkconstants.rb: don't generate unintended newlines.akr
2009-01-10test update for version string.akr
2009-01-10* ext/socket/mkconstants.rb: refactored to nest properly in staticallyakr
2009-01-10* version.h: make version string succinct:akr
2009-01-10* cont.c (cont_restore_1): should not be inlined.ko1
2009-01-09* ext/socket/socket.c (sock_define_const): use INT2NUM.akr
2009-01-09 * ext/socket/mkconstants.rb: define macro if default_value is passed.usa
2009-01-09* ext/tk/lib/tk.rb: rescue abnormal Encoding.locale_charmap value.nagai
2009-01-09* (test-sample), rubytest.rb: use runruby.rbnobu
2009-01-09* 2009-01-09svn
2009-01-09* test/ruby/test_process.rb (TestProcess::MANDATORY_ENVS): somenobu
2009-01-08* ChangeLog: forgotten to commit.usa
2009-01-08 * instruby.rb: easy code contains fewer bugs.usa
2009-01-08* ext/socket/socket.c (bsock_shutdown): accept symbol/string as how.akr
2009-01-08* ext/socket/mkconstants.rb (gen_name_to_int_func): generateakr
2009-01-08* ext/socket/socket.c: don't use AI_NUMERICSERV for platforms whichakr
2009-01-08* instruby.rb: should not depend on a library which does not existnobu
2009-01-07* ext/socket/socket.c (init_unix_addrinfo): don't return a value.akr
2009-01-07* lib/open-uri.rb (OpenURI.redirectable?): reverted https redirection.akr
2009-01-07* lib/test/unit/assertions.rb (assert_no_match): don't count up as twoakr
2009-01-07* ext/socket/socket.c (addrinfo_getnameinfo): use NI_DGRAM if socktypeakr
2009-01-07* 2009-01-08svn
2009-01-07* ext/socket/socket.c (host_str): add flags_ptr argument to specifyakr
2009-01-07* test/rubygems/test_gem.rb (test_self_user_home_user_drive_and_path): removed.nobu
2009-01-07* ext/socket/socket.c (rb_cAddrInfo): new class AddrInfo.akr
2009-01-07* instruby.rb (man, gem): fixed errors.nobu
2009-01-07* instruby.rb: use installed libraries. [ruby-core:21006]nobu
2009-01-07* instruby.rb (gem), lib/rubygems/defaults.rb (Gem.default_dir):nobu
2009-01-07* 2009-01-07svn
2009-01-07* ext/socket/socket.c (ruby_getaddrinfo, ruby_getaddrinfo__aix):nobu
2009-01-06* ext/socket/socket.c (io_call_close, io_close, pair_yield):nobu
2009-01-06* cont.c (cont_restore_0): streamlined to ensure O(1) time. based onnobu
2009-01-05* 2009-01-06svn
2009-01-05* io.c (rb_close_before_exec): more heuristics to detect maximum fd.akr
2009-01-05don't get a name for anonymous Unix socket.akr
2009-01-05* vm.c (rb_iseq_eval): fixed indent.nobu
2009-01-05* missing/langinfo.c (nl_langinfo_0): fixed typos for SJIS.nobu
2009-01-05* (cygwin): needs properly implemented nl_langinfo().nobu
2009-01-05 * encoding.c (rb_locale_charmap): use GetConsoleCP() instead ofusa
2009-01-05fix typos and cleanup spaceskazu
2009-01-05* encoding.c (rb_filesystem_encoding): use ANSI codepage for filenobu
2009-01-05* ext/curses/curses.c (free_window): use xfree instead of free.kazu
2009-01-05rdoc update.kazu
2009-01-05* ext/gdbm/gdbm.c (rb_gdbm_fetch): remove needless cast.kazu
2009-01-05* win32/win32.c (init_env): use user profile folder than personalnobu
2009-01-04* file.c (rb_file_s_stat): need type check for non string values.matz
2009-01-04* range.c (range_step): should not add up errors on loops.matz
2009-01-04* random.c (rb_f_srand): update RDoc. [ruby-core:21113]matz