AgeCommit message (Expand)Author install a single header file for JITk0kubun
2018-02-04thread.c: timespec_for is used only if poll() is usednobu
2018-02-03thread.c (thread_join_m): avoid NUM2TIMET for Bignumnormal
2018-02-03thread.c: avoid FP in C-API time calculationsnormal
2018-02-03thread.c: avoid FP for Thread#joinnormal
2018-02-03thread.c: extract timeval_sub from timeval_update_expirenormal
2018-02-03* 2018-02-04svn
2018-02-03thread.c (rb_thread_terminate_all): eliminate double2timeval callnormal
2018-02-03parse.y: named backslashnobu
2018-02-03compile.c: fix string Range optimization with FSLnormal
2018-02-03parse.y: use lex_goto_eol to skip to EOLnobu
2018-02-03process.c: command_name encodingnobu
2018-02-03backward.h: adjusted NORETURN declarationnobu
2018-02-02eval.c: get rid of format-zero-length warningnobu
2018-02-02test_system.rb: tests without shellnobu
2018-02-02test_system.rb: exit by abort for portabilitynobu
2018-02-02process.c: split pst_message_status from pst_messagenobu
2018-02-02process.c: reduce intermediate stringnobu
2018-02-02backward.h: rb_mod_const_missing is internal functionnobu
2018-02-02* 2018-02-03svn
2018-02-02eval.c: unnecessary argumentnobu
2018-02-02variable.c: removed old warningnobu
2018-02-02Fix testkazu
2018-02-02Fix call-seq of NameError.newkazu
2018-02-02Use more verbose status in error messageskazu
2018-02-02io.c: unused assignmentsnobu
2018-02-02* 2018-02-02svn
2018-02-02io.c: hoisted out io_fd_check_closednobu
2018-02-01array.c: remove rb_ary_frozen_p / Array#frozen?normal
2018-02-01Add test for Forwardable#def_delegator with r55366.hsbt
2018-02-01ccan/list: sync with upstreamnormal
2018-02-01ruby.h: relax rb_funcall(obj, id, 0, 0) case onlynobu
2018-02-01win32.c: EPIPE for ERROR_NO_DATAnobu
2018-02-01Fixed duplicated typo for `the the`.hsbt
2018-01-31io.c: fix comparison subjectnobu
2018-01-31* 2018-02-01svn
2018-01-31io.c: fix fptr_copy_finalizernobu
2018-01-31io.c: fptr_copy_finalizernobu
2018-01-31Update csv maintainers.hsbt
2018-01-31io.c: pipe_register_fptrnobu
2018-01-31io.c: simplified pipe_del_fptrnobu
2018-01-31trick ruby-mode.el by heredocsnobu
2018-01-31Fix wrong function names in rb_bug messages [ci skip]kazu
2018-01-30* properties.svn
2018-01-30ruby.h: relax rb_funcall check on extra args for clangnormal
2018-01-30proc: fix super_method segfault after bindnormal
2018-01-30* 2018-01-31svn
2018-01-30net/http: fix documentation for HTTP connection reusenormal
2018-01-30Remove empty directories [ci skip]kazu
2018-01-30simply show BASERUBY itselfusa