AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-01-10missing.h: remove explicit_bzero_by_memset_snobu
2016-01-10io.c: remove obsolete rb_deferr global variablenormal
2016-01-10ChangeLog: fixup indent for r53488normal
2016-01-10insns.def: description [ci skip]nobu
2016-01-10* 2016-01-10svn
2016-01-10stdlib: avoid extra calls to eliminate "\n" from Base64normal
2016-01-09test_hash.rb: add testnobu
2016-01-09openssl: fix examples [ci skip]nobu
2016-01-09symbol.h: unexpected safe callnobu
2016-01-09nmake VPATHnobu
2016-01-09Revert r53482 "nmake VPATH"naruse
2016-01-09nmake VPATHnobu
2016-01-09probes.h including dummy headernobu
2016-01-09fix rc files conflict in parallel buildnobu
2016-01-09vcs.rb: srcdir accessornobu
2016-01-09use stringized macrosnobu
2016-01-09extract version from version.hnobu
2016-01-09RUBY_RELEASE_DATE in verconf.mknobu
2016-01-09fix library teenynobu RUBY_PROGRAM_VERSIONnobu
2016-01-09revert r53459, r53427, r53314nobu
2016-01-08* gc.c: rename PAGE_* to HEAP_PAGE_* because PAGE_SIZE is usedko1
2016-01-08* gc.c: PAGE_BITMAP_PLANES (the number of bitmap) is 4, not 3.ko1
2016-01-08* 2016-01-09svn
2016-01-08* gc.c: rename constant names HEAP_* to PAGE_*.ko1
2016-01-08* doc/regexp.rdoc: [DOC] Elaborate on the \G anchor. [ci skip]knu
2016-01-08* gc.c: remove heap_page::body. Instead of this field,ko1
2016-01-08iseq.c: volatile only on gcc4.8nobu
2016-01-08* gc.c: rename rb_heap_t::page_length to rb_heap_t::total_pages.ko1
2016-01-08test_tempfile.rb: use assert_filenobu
2016-01-08* remove trailing spaces.svn
2016-01-08* gc.c: remove heap_page::heap. This field is only used to recognizeko1
2016-01-08iseq.c: make local variables volatilenobu
2016-01-08* tool/make-snapshot: fix for the changes of version.h in r53314.shugo
2016-01-08* iseq.c (rb_iseq_compile_with_option): move variable initializationshugo
2016-01-07* 2016-01-08svn
2016-01-07* enum.c (enum_min, enum_max): do the same optimization as r53454.shugo
2016-01-07* ruby.h: undef HAVE_BUILTIN___BUILTIN_CHOOSE_EXPR_CONSTANT_Pmrkn
2016-01-07* enum.c (enum_minmax): optimize object comparison inshugo
2016-01-07* ext/ripper/depend: Just like BSDmake, nmake also recognize the rule ofusa
2016-01-07fix r53448naruse
2016-01-07Additional fix of r53450naruse
2016-01-07mkmf.rb: fix for ODE makenobu
2016-01-07thread.c: interrupt queue on uninitialized threadnobu
2016-01-07mkmf.rb: library installation messagesnobu
2016-01-07* 2016-01-07svn
2016-01-07version.c: no exit in ruby_show_copyrightnobu
2016-01-06* 2016-01-06svn
2016-01-06optparse.rb: into kwdargnobu